Square Enix announces Heavenstrike Rivals

Published: December 1, 2014 10:24 PM /


Heavenstrike Rivals

Square Enix has decided to take its game to the mobile market on Android and iOS with its announcement of a new RPG Heavenstrike Rivals.

Designed from release as a mobile tactical rpg, the control scheme and battle system designed to work with the phones size and design. It is supposed to be a quick to learn game with deep strategic possibilities, and hundreds of unique characters to unlock, collect, grow and evolve.

Heavenstrike Rivals is set in the country of Lunnain, a once prosperous aerial nation that has been torn asunder by a group of evil creatures known as the Fallen. These nightmare inspired monsters seek nothing less than the utter destruction of Lunnain. Opposing them, the people of Lunnain are beginning to unite, to fight together against the heavens and force the Fallen out of their homes.

In the game you will travel across Lunnain, seeking to save the legendary Seven Sisters who may be able to help you in your quest. Recruit and collect allies in your cause, as there are over two hundred characters in the game. The people of Lunnain though will not follow just anyone, as you can fight with others in competitions to prove your worth in regular events and special weekend Arena competitions for special rewards.

Heavenstrike Rivals is being developed by Square Enix and UK developer Mediatonic in collaboration working on the game and Square Enix providing Ryomo Ito for character design (Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced), and Ryo Yamazaki for music (Final Fantasy XIV). Mediatonic has often worked on mobile games before, and recent releases include Hatoful Boyfriend.

Heavenstrike Rivals is going to be a freemium game – meaning it will be available for ‘free’ on the iOS and Android but that it will rely on micro-transactions and in-app purchases to make its money. This is the preferred method for many mobile games, and mobile gamers who expect it due to that.

Heavenstrike Rivals has launched its beta in Canada and Australia, and will be releasing worldwide this winter on all iOS and Android devices.


What are your expectations for Heavenstrike Rivals? What do you think of developers working more on mobile games?


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