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Published: October 29, 2018 10:30 AM /


halflife year of the dragon

What time of year is it? Halloween! And what does Halloween involve? Dressing up in costumes! And what's unofficial costumes for video game characters? Mods! In a bizarrely unconventional yet extremely creative genre twist, there is now a playable demo out for the Half-Life mod Year of the Dragon. How could dragons fit into Dr. Gordon Freeman's tale of first-person shooting survival horror against parasitic headcrabs? I'm glad you asked! You simply chuck Dr. Freeman out of the equation and replace him with Spyro the Dragon.

Dreamed into being by Magic_Nipples of Moddb.com, it's perfect for those who have ever wanted to traumatize poor Spyro. You run around the Black Mesa Complex torching aliens and enemies and collecting gems, as demonstrated by the demo video released. Released into Early Access on October 26th, so far the demo mod available only covers the office complex area of the game.


According to the listing on Moddb, planned features include a complete moveset based on the original games, extra abilities and items for variety and SDK and tutorials to build your own campaigns. Magic_Nipples states that future levels of the mod will be forthcoming, but will be waiting to announce exactly how it'll all map out until the details are put in place.

"Since starting the concept of the mod in November. I was only working on this partially till around May 2018 when I went essentially full time on it. I have a full time job, and I was for the most part spending the rest of my time outside of work on this mod. [...] I put everything else on hold while I focused my time on this mod to get something out by the years end. [...] I can say now I am ready to take the rest of the year off to get other important things done [...]. Now, don't worry about this being abandoned already. I mentioned above but I think I will return around the start of 2019 to get more of this mod out. " said developer Magic_Nipples in a statement on Moddb.

Are you excited to try out Half-Life playing as Spyro? What other genre crossovers would you like to see the dragon hop into? Let us know in the comments below!

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