Sports Story, the Sequel to Golf Story, Has Been Delayed

Published: August 17, 2020 12:09 PM /


Sports Story

Sidebar Games, creator of the 2017 cult-indie hit Golf Story, have announced that a Sports Story delay, meaning the sequel will take longer to arrive.

Expected to release in Summer 2020, Sports Story now lists a TBD date, and the developer took to twitter to explain a bit more, posting a video and a little bit more:

"Sports Story update: We must sadly announce a delay. We want to take some more time to work on Sports Story and ensure that everything makes it into the game.The game has become rather ambitious and we are excited about how it could turn out. But the price is currently being paid as we try to make our plans into reality. We are eager to reveal the results of these past 2 years so please look forward to future updates." - Sidebar Games

The video they put up has Coach and several other characters discussing the delay, and teasing some content for it. In particular mentioned are a giant squid thing, a Golf Pinball machine, a secret bottom level to the hotel, a cricket team, playing soccer with a dog (yes!), vampires in an abandoned hotel, and more. The developers ask for your understanding, and if you want to see it all, here is the video:

If you haven't been paying much attention to Sidebar Games, Sports Story is the developers answer to "what sport will you tackle next?" with an emphatic "Yes" when they announced it late last year. Originally beginning with Tennis, the game has since expanded to cover a number of sports, and has apparently kept growing even further. It includes dungeons, minigames, espionage, and a whole bunch of things... including playing soccer with a dog.

Sports Story will release at somepoint exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Until then, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more about it, and other indie games.

Quick Take

If you haven't played Golf Story, and you have a Nintendo Switch, I have to suggest that you change that and pick it up at your soonest convience. While I haven't posted a review of the game as of yet, and I only got my Switch in the last year, the game is an absolute blast, even if like me you have zero interest in actual golf. Its a humorous look at the game and culture around it as well as our world and mashes RPG and sports elements wonderfully to create a great experience.

What do you think about the Sports Story delay? Have you played Golf Story yet, or do I need to do more prodding to get you to try it? Let us know in the comments below!

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