Spiritfarer Gets New Character To Celebrate 500k Copies Sold

Published: April 20, 2021 9:46 AM /


A banner for the Spiritfarer Lily Update

Cozy management game Spiritfarer is celebrating a major milestone today. The game has sold 500,000 copies worldwide across all platforms, making it developer Thunder Lotus' biggest project to date. To commemorate the occasion, Thunder Lotus is releasing an update containing a brand new character.

What's coming in the newest Spiritfarer update?

This update is titled The Lily Update, with Thunder Lotus describing it as a "small yet important" content addition for Spiritfarer. It adds the eponymous Lily, a butterfly spirit who will guide you through various scenes of the game. Thunder Lotus says this will add "depth and detail" to the story of the game. The devs say they intentionally kept the update small so as to retain the identity of the game, but also wanted to help players "know more about Stella and what, ultimately, her quest is about". You can check out the trailer for The Lily Update right here. It's a short but sweet little clip, and it's worth it just to check out more of that beautiful art style. Here it is:

In addition to Lily, Thunder Lotus says it's also introducing some gameplay tweaks and bug fixes to Spiritfarer in this latest update. Don't expect anything too major; the devs say they're still putting the finishing touches on some "more gameplay-heavy updates", and that you should stay tuned for more information about those. The big addition this time around is Lily the butterfly, so be sure to head back into Spiritfarer and check out the extra content. The Lily Update is available today for free for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Google Stadia.

Will you be heading back into Spiritfarer to check out The Lily Update? Were you part of the 500,000 milestone? Let us know in the comments below!


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