Spilt Milk Studios Announces New Internal Label for Experimental Games

Published: September 13, 2019 7:20 PM



Where one idea dies, another begins. Yesterday Spilt Milk Studios had shut down their sci-fi roguelite MMO Lazarus due to being unable to pay for it with the current player base. However, now they're trying something new, with an experimental label and a new game.

The label is called Spilt Milk Shake, and will be used as "a way to release prototypes, experiments & weird stuff, see if it has an audience & showcase more of our work!" All of their experiments will be featured on a special game page, and will use a "pay what you want" system so you can decide how much its worth. The goal is to see what's attracting crowds and is worth working on, along with just making fun experiments. We don't have to wait long to see what they'll do with it, as the first game is already nearly here.


Debuting this label is Peck N Run, a silly arcade game where you need to help a bird feed its babies. To do so you'll have to run around a beach, pecking at shellfish to collect them, then bringing them back to the nest so you can feed your young. However, you have to do this while dodging waves, as getting hit will cause you to drop your shellfish and probably lead to your kids not getting food. It offers up some fast paced arcadey action, having you run back and forth as quickly as possible to get as much food as you think you can risk before a wave shows up.


Peck N Run will be available on September 17th for PC using a "pay what you want" system. You can get the game on launch here.

Do you think Spilt Milk has the right idea? Interesting in Peck N Run? Going to pay attention to future experiments? Let us know in the comments below!

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