Spelunky 2 Release Date Delayed Past 2019

Published: August 14, 2019 8:02 PM /


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While we never had a concrete release date for Spelunky 2, the developer has delayed it from 2019. Mossmouth Games developer, Derek Yu, announced the news on Twitter saying it won't release this year but that they're not far from their target.

Yu's first tweet in his Twitter thread regarding the delay is available below,


He continued further to apologize about the lack of updates from him and his team on the Spelunky 2 development. According to him, if they're quiet, they're probably busy working away, "Also, apologies for the lack of updates! It can be tough balancing communication and dev time (and not spoiling too much). When things are quiet, we're just working away. :)"

Spelunky 2 Gameplay Feedback

Yu also took a moment to address feedback from fans on the Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer from August 2018, "Also, I took in the feedback about the environments from the trailer, and while I still love the overall style, we've been adding more detail, as well as increasing the contrast to make existing details pop (some were pretty subtle and compression wasn't friendly to them)!"

Yu finished his Twitter thread by saying as soon as they have a release date, they'll let everyone know. In the meantime, keep an eye out for more Spelunky 2 content as we get closer to release.

Spelunky 2 currently has a release planned for PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam.




Quick Take

I always feel the same way about game delays that I think most video game fans are starting to as well. A delay means the game we're looking forward to is farther out, but it also means we're more likely to get a better game. A couple of people in the Spelunky subreddit would like to see it on Steam Early Access, but that's unlikely.

It tends to be a double-edged sword depending on how a developer uses it. First, they can get valuable criticism and essentially free testing from fans. However, it can also ruin the launch of a game if people criticize it as a finished product. No developer wants their game to be "Mostly Negative" on Steam.


Kudos to Mossmouth Games for taking the time they need to make Spelunky 2 the best it can be.

How would you feel if Spelunky 2 came to Steam Early Access? How do you feel about this delay? Let me know in the comments below!



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