Spellbreak Update 2.1 Overhauls Mastery and Improves Quality of Life

Spellbreak is making life easier with new quest tracking and friendlier with its new mastery system

Published: February 9, 2021 9:52 AM /



Spellbreak update 2.1 has been revealed by Design Director, Jesse Kurlancheek, and it is primarily focused on quality of life additions, bug fixes, and preparing the game for the next Chapter, but those quality of life changes include some big ones.

Perhaps the biggest change is that Mastery has been overhauled, and now the XP required to level classes to 20 has been lowered significantly. XP is also no longer generated by damage done and time survived. Instead, it's handed out from achieving accolades in a match. Existing XP will transfer over to the new curve, which means players may now be at a higher level than they were pre-patch. Eventually, this system will be retired completely but not for some time. This means that grinding all 6 classes is not as big of a hurdle as before, but it's still an undertaking. 

There is also a new UI that shows by class type, gold granted for mastery levels is now shown in the reward's title, and the Mastery screen now has custom backplates that are tied with each selected class type.

Other changes include the Bewitching Glimmer Starter Pack being removed and being replaced by the Beguiling Rogue Starter pack, along with more additions to the store that will be coming over the coming weeks. There will also be a cutscene of sorts to show off a purchased item, and a UI transition to show which items in the store the player already owns. Players will also be able to zoom in on cosmetics in the store, and new item frames show off item rarity.

Players can now emote on the play screen, and audio effects were added to some emotes. For those like me who like to alt-tab, players can now toggle sound on/off when Spellbreak is in the background. This comes with UI changes as well, and now players can track quests, gamemodes will automatically adjust to accommodate party sizes, 

As for balance and gameplay changes, VFX has been added to show when a player is healing themselves or restoring their armor.  Vital Stone once again gives a 25% movement speed boost while invulnerable, Flight Rune speed has been reduced while traveling upward, and the radius of Lightning Storm has been reduced slightly to better match its visuals.

For those who would like to check out the full patch notes, be sure to check out the Reddit thread here. For more information on Spellbreak, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

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