Spellbreak Chapter 3 Update Released

Published: July 23, 2021 9:15 AM /



Development studio Proletariat has announced that Spellbreak Chapter 3: The Wardens update includes movement changes such as a new dodge mechanic. There's also non-human enemies for the first time in the automatons, new quests and objectives, map updates, and balance changes

Players can dodge in mid-air, which is interesting, but there is also a 1.5s minimum delay for each dodge. As a result of this and other design changes, levitation's upward movement speed is now fixed and 40% slower than the previous maximum upward speed. The height of levitation has also been lowered by 30%,


“We designed Chapter 3’s movement updates to take combat and gameplay to the next level,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat. “The improvements in this release are a culmination of all we have learned since Spellbreak’s launch last year, and we look forward to seeing the reactions of players to the exciting narrative presented in this chapter.”

Dominion maps for the "action-spellcasting" battle royale have been updated to provide more environmental variety and to also take advantage of the new enhanced movement changes. There's also new graphics settings for colorblind players, which includes pre-made palettes and adjustable colors for various UI elements.

The update continues the story from previous Chapters, which has players fighting an invasion of merciless automatons. Players will discover their origin and purpose, as well as how to overcome them by completing free quests that are now unlocked as you play rather than weekly quest gates. This is good, because weekly gates for questing or anything else need to die sooner rather than later.

If you'd like to check out Spellbreak, it's free to play and available on Steam. It's also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.


What do you think of this update? Have you tried Spellbreak? If you have, are you still playing it? If you haven't do you want to try it? Let us know in the comments!

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