Space Shooter That Tiny Spaceship Is Coming To Xbox One

Published: June 6, 2020 9:00 AM /


That Tiny Spaceship

Today during the Indie Live Expo, developer We Make Small Games got up to show more about their upcoming space shooter/visual novel hybrid, That Tiny Spaceship. The big news for this single-player throwback is that after its PC release this year, it will be making its way to Xbox One via the Xbox Creators program.

That Tiny Spaceship features four missions inspired by 1980s arcades and home console space shooter games, with visual novel segments between them. The new trailer today shows the second mission, which takes place around a sun where you have to manage the fact that the heat is damaging your ship while dodging meteors, solar flares, and dealing with enemies, including a large boss ship that warps around that you have to take down.

Today they also revealed the first of four pilots - Urani. An 18 year old (by Earth Years) from a small, flooded planet on the edges of the galaxy who is an exceptionally strong swimmer. Urani is very curious and joined the organization you're a part of as an excuse to explore the universe.


Beyond that, there was some sad news to share. Despite their announcement in 2018 that That Tiny Spaceship would support MacOS and Linux, the developers have been forced to drop support for those platforms. The reason for this is due to the MacOS developer environment changing since then making it more difficult for them to support and troubleshoot there. As for Linux, the sheer number of distributions seem to have overwhelmed the developers. They do state you can use third party options to play them - such as Proton on Steam - but that they are not officially supported.

We're not going to end on a bad note however. That Tiny Spaceship will be getting a free demo later this summer on PC that users can play featuring the first visual novel segment and mission. That Tiny Spaceship is expected to release on PC in 2020, with an Xbox One release to follow.

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