Space Quest Spiritual Successor To Launch After 10 Years

Published: August 26, 2022 8:40 AM /


The main character thinking about how to solve a puzzle in a spaceship's cargo hold in the Space Quest spiritual successor SpaceVenture

After 10 years, the Space Quest spiritual successor SpaceVenture is finally launching to backers of the project. The game launched its crowdfunding campaign all the way back in 2012, and after a number of teething problems, it looks like the project is finally ready for release.

Why did it take 10 years to launch this Space Quest spiritual successor?

After the SpaceVenture Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded back in 2012, developers Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, collectively known as the Two Guys from Andromeda (as well as collaborator Chris Pope) released a relatively steady drip-feed of updates to SpaceVenture backers.

The game was pushed back several times for a number of reasons; elements of SpaceVenture were giving the developers particular problems, for example, and on one occasion, Crowe and Pope both lost their mothers within a short space of time. There doesn't seem to be any single reason that SpaceVenture was delayed; rather, it seems to have been a mixture of personal problems, development challenges, and setbacks.

SpaceVenture protagonist Ace Hardway talking to an officer whose name appears to be Spleen in SpaceVenture, the Space Quest spiritual successor
After ten years, SpaceVenture is finally ready to be released.

Whatever the reason, the Two Guys from Andromeda have confirmed via Kickstarter update that SpaceVenture is ready to be released to backers who pledged $15 or more, with the release date landing on September 16th. The devs had been grappling with the game's save-load system, but after "four long days" of work on it, that system has been fixed.

After SpaceVenture is released to backers, it's also due to hit Steam, with $15 and up backers being provided with Steam keys "as soon as possible". However, SpaceVenture won't be landing on all promised platforms, including mobile devices and Linux, at the same time. Additional platforms will follow at a later date.

If you're a physical rewards backer, Two Guys from Andromeda say that there are some physical items that they still need to buy. These include SpaceVenture movie posters, DVD sleeves for game boxes, and Andromedon Nose materials. Those items will be purchased as soon as possible and shipped to an initially limited number of backers, as the devs say they don't have enough money to send rewards out to everyone. However, proceeds from subsequent SpaceVenture Steam sales will go towards purchasing and shipping additional materials for the remaining backers, and you will be given the option to pay your own shipping to receive your rewards if you wish. Make sure to read the SpaceVenture Kickstarter update for the full lowdown on physical and digital rewards.

What is SpaceVenture?

SpaceVenture is a comic sci-fi adventure game intended to serve as a spiritual successor to Sierra's classic Space Quest series. It will feature space exploration, of course, suffused with a healthy dose of "pop culture satire and some good, clean potty humor", according to the devs. The rights to Space Quest are currently sitting with Activision, so Two Guys from Andromeda decided to strike out on their own and create something that fans of Space Quest would love. Now, it seems like those fans will finally get to play the game.

A lengthy expository piece of text from Space Quest, the game for which SpaceVenture is a spiritual successor
With the rights for Space Quest currently under Activision's watch, Two Guys from Andromeda had no choice but to create a spiritual successor in SpaceVenture.

It's all go for classic Sierra properties right now. Not only is SpaceVenture finally about to launch, but original Sierra founders Ken and Roberta Williams also recently announced a remake of the influential classic Colossal Cave Adventure. Sierra itself still exists, too, although the company hasn't released a game since the 2015-2016 episodic King's Quest reboot. We'll bring you more on SpaceVenture, Sierra, and all things classic adventure games as soon as we get it.


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