Space Exploration RPG The Long Journey Home Releases This May

Published: May 12, 2017 7:20 PM /


The Long Journey Home

Daedalic has announced that their space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home will be releasing on May 30th. The PC game will send players across the universe as they try to keep their crew alive and find their way back home. Watch the teaser trailer below to get a feel for the game.

Lead game designer of The Long Journey Home Andreas Suika had this to say about the game,

Being lost and alone is a fear we can all appreciate. Now, imagine being on the other side of the universe, alone, low on resources, never knowing what awaits after the next jump. The Long Journey Home taps into that primal longing for home, while also providing a colorful, comic universe that players will have a blast exploring and returning to.
In The Long Journey Home a crew of four astronauts get lost after their first light jump goes very wrong. Players will be able to choose their crew out of 10 possible characters with various personalities and skills. Their different abilities will come in handy as you salvage lost wrecks, raid ancient tombs, and investigate alien artifacts across the universe.

The Long Journey Home

15 different alien races exist throughout the universe. Visit four of the eight empires filled with smaller civilizations in every game. Each has a unique culture and it’s up to you to figure out how to successfully interact with them. Landing on planets will allow players to gather resources but not without its risks. The game is full of meaningful decisions that will need to be considered wisely.

Fly through space affected by actual planetary gravity for a unique and realistic experience. The game is procedurally generated but the lore and characters will be the same keeping the game from being random. A plethora of content keeps every play-through fresh. Only 20% of possible material will be seen in any one run so players can keep playing again and again and have a different experience.

The Long Journey Home

The Long Journey Home will be available for Windows PC on May 30th. Check out our first impressions of the game at E3 2016 or visit the game's website here.

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