Space Engineers DLC Raises Price To Support Continued Updates

Space Engineer developers plan to continue updates on the game thanks to a dedicated playerbase, though will increase DLC prices to fund development.

Published: June 6, 2022 3:52 PM /


Space Engineers

The sci-fi game Space Engineers is about building and surviving in space, with some big changes coming to the experience. The studio behind the game, Keen Software House, recently made an announcement outlining many of their future plans. In their statement, they discuss changes to the game's AI, encouraging community contributions, and a price change for the Space Engineers DLC. The community has been an important factor in the game's growth with one of the last major updates called "Most Wanted" attributed to player comments. It's clear they want to keep this growth going as they work to expand upon the game's design.

Space Engineers DLC And Updates

Though it may not be a popular decision, the fact is that the Space Engineers DLC will be raised in price from $3.99 to $4.99 from July 7th onward. This extra revenue can support future updates and maintenance for the ever-growing game. Keen Software House will also hold a "Last Chance" sale, to give every player a chance to buy any DLC they may not have for 30% off. The higher costs may literally be a small price to pay to continue supporting Space Engineers. Though Keen Software House has shifted its focus to other areas such as developing general AI, it's clear that the player base is keeping this game alive and the studio wants to support that.

The most prominent upcoming update to the game involves Grid AI. This applies to the aspect of the game involving automated machines and robotic helpers. Although the game is made to be multiplayer, players are free to play by themselves and create an automated system of mechanical allies to build alongside them. The Grid AI update will change exactly how this is done, how the AI entities behave, and how this influences dealing with enemies. It will also further establish the PvE element of the game.

In addition to providing updated ideas, the Space Engineers community remains active in many ways. Aside from playing together, players have crafted mods and other elements for the game which Keen Software House takes great pride in highlighting. In just this year alone, there are several months of notable mods with the studio shining a spotlight on their personal picks for the month. It is also encouraging players to submit guides on the community forums. Though there are many game guides, the studio is asking players to share their tips and tricks to creating mods and adding resources for anybody to use however they can.

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