Hack and Slash Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise Announced for PlayStation 5

Weeks of rumors shine as truth. Final Fantasy Origins, a Hack and Slash, Final Fantasy title was announced at E3 2021

Published: June 13, 2021 4:00 PM /


Final Fantasy Origin

Today Square Enix showed off a number of interesting titles at their conference, some known and some unknown. One title that they did formally announce was a new take on the Final Fantasy formula in the form of Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise. Stepping into territory that no other Final Fantasy has tread before this title will be a Hack and Slash game and is being developed with the team behind the popular game series Nioh as well as Koei Tecmo.

In today's conference, Square Enix showed off a trailer of characters making their way through a cursed tower. The gameplay shows a fast paces hack and slack. The trailer finished by showed Garland sitting on a dark throne and the characters calling themselves the Warriors of Light. Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise will directly link to the very first Final Fantasy game as a prequel of sorts. The characters we see in the trailer are Jack, Ash, and Jed. They're trying to do all they can to defeat Chaos and show that they are the Warriors of Light from the prophecy, but they aren't too sure if it's them or not.

Knowing that Garland is defeated at the hands of the Warriors of Light from the original Final Fantasy game chances are this trio will be met with an unfortunate fate as they storm the Chaos Shrine.

The game will play similarly to Jedi: Fallen Order in that players can expect tough combat, but the game will still be accessible to players. Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise will be coming to all major consoles. Later on this Summer there will be a demo that will allow fans to familiarize themselves with the gameplay, while also providing the development team an opportunity to hear from the community what works and what doesn't work in this new system.

Word began to stir about Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise a few months ago but at the time it was little more than hearsay. Getting closer and closer to E3 the rumor mill began churning as different pieces of news came out including what games it would be like, that it's a game developed between those who created Nioh as well as the team that worked on the PS4 fighting game Dissidia NT.

At this time there is no set release date for Final Fantasy Origin but we should be hearing news about the alpha before too long. The Demo will be released later today for PlayStation 5 and will be available to play through to June 24th.

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