Soulja Boy Wants to Sell Another Game Console

Soulja Boy is Diving Back Into the Game Industry by Selling the 'SouljaGame Console'

Published: February 19, 2021 1:46 PM /


Soulja Boy SouljaGame Console cover

It looks like Soulja Boy is intent on diving back into the video game world with another "SouljaGame Console" after the rapper and entrepreneur shared images of the machine on his social media.

Back in 2018, Soulja Boy stated his intent to enter the gaming industry by selling his own video game console. He later followed it up with another two gaming machines, but sales of these devices were ultimately halted under mysterious circumstances. The fate of these devices — and the likely future of this new venture — will make sense once you look a little more closely at them.

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Soulja Boy's SouljaGame Console Looks Awfully Familiar

Soulja Boy has recently been talking about a new SouljaGame Console again and Game Informer spotted the rapper's latest update: he has begun to share images of the machine on the new souljagameconsole Instagram account.

That machine might look familiar to people who have followed this story over the years. It looks exactly like the previous model he sold; in fact, you can buy a console that looks very similar on Alibaba right now. This particular machine boasts 4K HD output and states that it has 800 "classic games" built-in, and one has to wonder if the manufacturers of this machine have secured the proper licensing for distributing these games.

Soulja Boy has recently been talking about selling a new console on his Twitter. Considering the timeline, it's certainly possible that he's trotted out one of the older models he had in his home for demonstration purposes while trying to get an actual new machine developed.

If the images shared on his Instagram are just for building up hype and not the actual machine, the new SouljaGame Console might have a chance. After all, some companies have seen success with original creations like the Playdate or retro-capable consoles like the Analogue Pocket.

Conversely, if this is just another machine that's loaded up with questionably-licensed retro games, we can likely expect to see sales of the console stop shortly after they begin. We can't say for sure which direction this new venture will take, but it's sure to be interesting.

What do you think of Soulja Boy's ventures into the gaming industry? Do you think it's possible for an entrepreneur to launch a new gaming console of any type in the current market? Let us know in the comments below!

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