Sony's State of Play 5/9 - Explore a 3D Voxel World in Riverbond

May 9, 2019 7:25 PM

By: Brian Renadette


The second game announced on today's State of Play is the voxel action-adventure game Riverbond. Releasing this Summer, the newest trailer shows off 4-player action, highly destructible voxel environments, and a variety of skins based off of popular indie video game characters.





A 3D love letter to 16-bit gaming.

Riverbond, as explained by Cococucumber co-founder and art director Vanessa Chia, is a voxel 'shoot and slash' video game being made for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. The game is a dungeon-crawling action-adventure where players find treasure, battle monsters, and become a hero. Riverbond is heavily influenced by 16-bit games of old, and it wears its inspiration on its sleeve with its highly detailed voxel graphics. In addition, the game embraces the potentials of its voxel style by making environments highly destructible, causing objects to explode in showers of tiny cubes. It's a known fact that almost everyone enjoys destroying environments in video games.

A big aspect of the game is the planned 4-player couch co-op. Cococucumber claims they're all about people getting along because they're a Canadian studio. However, they also want to touch upon those nostalgic days of couch co-op with family and friends. Each player can choose from a variety of melee or ranged weapons to battle waves of enemies, huge bosses, and the innocent environment. By doing this, the team is hoping to create a game that feels familiar yet fresh.

As homages to the games that inspired the Cococucumber team, the game features eight crossover skins featuring various indie stars. These skins are:


  • Robo 05 (Planet of the Eyes)
  • Demelza (Knights and Bikes)
  • Lover Mu (Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime)
  • Juan Aguacate (Guacamelee!)
  • The Kid (Bastion)
  • Raz Aquato (Psychonauts)
  • Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
  • Bullet Kin (Enter the Gungeon)
Riverbond releases sometime in Summer 2019. As well as PlayStation 4, Riverbond is releasing on Steam and Xbox One according to their Twitter.
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