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Published: March 25, 2019 8:09 PM /


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During Sony's State of Play we got a sizzle trailer that showed off various VR games and when we could get our hands on them.

The first game shown in the trailer was Mini-Mech Mayhem, developed by FuturLab. This multiplayer strategy game sees four people giving commands to their mini mechs and having them try to destroy the other player's mechs in the process. In addition to this, you'll get power cards that let you play special moves, such as dropping bombs on the field. The game will be launching on June 18th.

Next up we saw Jupiter & Mars, by Tigertron, which will be launching on April 22nd. The game sees you playing as a dolphin and, with their friend, swimming around the ocean and fighting pollution. As you play you'll earn more abilities that let you access new areas of the game. If you're not interested in playing this one in VR, Jupiter & Mars also allows you to play the game traditionally. If you want to know more you can read our Best of Play NYC 2018 article to see the award we gave it, or read our interview with the developers.

The third game shown was Falcon Age, developed by Outerloop Games, and will be launching on April 9th. Here you'll be raising a falcon, training it from when it hatches until it becomes a big ol' ruler of the skies. Teaming up with this falcon you'll fight robots and probably save the world. More importantly, you can fist bump the falcon, pet it, make hearts with your hands that it'll fly through, and even give it little hats. Much like Jupiter & Mars, this game does not require VR and can be played without it.

Next was Trover Saves the Universe, a 3D platformer by Squanch Games, which was founded by one of the co-creators of Rick and Morty. In this 3D platformer, you'll be traveling to save your pet dogs, which have been abducted by a strange bird-like giant. Along the way, he has to save the universe, sort of by chance. You'll be able to get your hands on the game on May 31st. You also can play this one without VR.

The next game shown was Everybody's Golf VR, developed by Sony's Japan Studio, which will be launching on May 21st. This is a VR spin-off of the popular golfing series created by Sony. You'll be able to swing the golf club for real, hopefully not taking out any TVs or friends in the process.

Following that was Table of Tales, developed by Tin Man Games, which will be launching on April 16th. This VR strategy game is made to look like a strategy board game, having you move miniature figures and play cards to dictate their movements. In addition to a single player mode, the game will also feature a multiplayer mode called Heroes vs. Villains. Here the player wearing the VR headset will be the villain while three other players will play as heroes on the TV.

The final game shown in the trailer was Vacation Simulator, developed by Owlchemy Labs, and will be launching on June 18th. The sequel to Job Simulator, here you play as a robot just trying to see what vacations were like back when humans existed. You'll eat smores, play volleyball, build a snowman, and do more activities that we're pretty sure humans do.

While they didn't feature in the trailer, a post on PlayStation Blog did also give some news on a couple more interesting games. First person adventure game Golem, developed by Highwire, which was founded by Halo composer Marty O'Donnell, will be launching in Spring 2019. The game was originally supposed to come out back in 2018 but was delayed. In addition to this, VR game Luna, which came out on Steam back in 2017, is getting a PSVR port. This version includes a new narration, and can be played without VR.

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