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Sony's press conference was certainly ambitious this year! Andrew House's quote "I'm not done yet" perfectly sums up the presentation. Sony out did themselves.

Destiny [Article]

We began the conference with a trailer, narrated by Peter Dinklage, highlighting the lore of Destiny. Set on present day Mars, the arrival of "The Traveler" changed the world. But the traveler had an ancient enemy, and it found them. Only a few have the light of the traveler known as guardians, only they can fight the darkness. You are earths last hope (of course).

Destiny Image

Andrew House stepped on stage next.  "We know what best means" he claimed. He went onto announce that you can play Destiny first on PS4 July 17th. Starting this Thursday and lasting through the week PS4 owners can play the alpha build as well!

White PS4 Destiny Bundle

To mirror his announcement of the PS4, he would then announce a new white PS4. The 500 gb white PS4 will be bundled with a copy of Destiny, a white controller, and a 30 day voucher for PS Plus.

White PS4

The Order: 1886 [Article]

Next up to bat is The Order: 1886. The trailer begins with a man in darkness attempting to turn the power on. He appears to be in some kind of lab or morgue, and has the most gravely voice since Nolan's Batman. He finds a zombie munching on a person ala the iconic moment of the original Resident Evil . The (blind?) monster chases him, eventually launching at him as the trailer ends.

The Order 1886 Picture

Entwined [Article]

Indy games have started to really carve a slice of E3 for themselves. The next game to come up was a charming game called Entwined. Entwined showcases a beautiful art style (think cartoon meets paper mache) and stars two souls in love. You control the two souls with their respective sticks on the controller. You must bring the characters over nine unique lifetimes, eventually they come together to become a dragon. The game is available right now in the PS store for 9.99, with psvita to follow.

Infamous Second Son DLC [Article]

Scott Rohde walked on stage to introduce the stand alone DLC First Light for Infamous Second Son. Seeming to star a new character, the DLC will bring  a femle protagonist to the franchise for the first time.

Little Big Planet 3 [Article]

Media Molecule in the usual quirky style began by simply throwing up LittleBigPlanet 3. No introduction, just straight to the game. The player lead the demo made a point of showcasing the new depth of the game, no longer restricted to 2D or overviews, wider directions of movement are offered. 3 new friends for sackboy were also unvield. Oddsock is a doglike companion who can run faster and wall jump to boot. next up came Toggle, bigger and stronger, he can move heavy objects. But thats not all, Toggle can also shrink down to enter new areas. Finally we have Swoop, a little sackbird that can fly and lift up a friend with it. Sackboy isnt without his own ability though, now Sackboy can climb specific walls. Media Molecule let the rest of the game speak for itself. The demonstration was full of hiccups and mistakes that in any other demo would be messy but with them it's just charming. Afterwards a trailer played showcasing the new level design possibilities, particularly the less restrictive level paths. LBP3 will also allow you to play the entire back catalogue of user made content with updated graphics! They ended their presentation with announcing Little big planet 3 will be coming in November.

Bloodbourne [Article]

Shuhei Yoshida walks on stage and gave us a look at BloodBourne, the FromSoftware title we were all hoping to see! Coming in 2015, the game looks every bit as decrepit and frightening as the Souls series. It's a shame we didn't see any gameplay (other than what was leaked earlier) but time will reveal all I suppose.

Far Cry 4 [Article]

Far Cry 4 came after that. The gameplay footage was far less interesting than the trailer we saw at Microsofts conference but it was nice to see the new jump in co op system. The combat seems much more vertical than your typical shooter fare. Also seeing an elephant smash a jeep is ALWAYS entertaining.The biggest news was probably that you can allow your friends to play your game even if they don't own it which is only happening on PS4


Dead Island 2 [Article]

Dead Island 2 was announced after that, with a far less serious trailer than it's original. It wil have a 30 day exclusive beta and an exclusive to ps4 character class.

Sony partnership with Disney

Sony then announced a new partnership with Disney

The incredible hulk and five other avengers for Disney Interactive will be exclusive to PS4.

Magika 2 [Article]

Magika 2, another exclusive, was introduced with a hilarious trailer that showed a quick glimpse of 4 player co op

Grim Fandango remastered [Article]

The show then dipped to what I believe was its low point. The announcements were still great, but the letter from the little girl bit felt like an awkward and forced joke, and the hosts failed jokes only slowed the show even more. But with that, we learned of a remastered Grim Fandango coming exclusive to Vita and PS4. The news was followed by a quick montage of indy games coming to the PSN.

Let It Die [Article]

Then came the new fighting game by Suda 51; Let It Die. The trailer starts with two people brawling along side HUD information. Though mostly live action performers, snippets  gameplay here and there let you see how the game functions. Let It Die will is set for a release sometime in 2015.

ABZU [Article]

The creative director of Journey, having gone on to form his own studio "Giant Squid" was able to unveil their first game;  ABZU. Little was shown, mostly underwater gameplay staring a humanoid avoiding the dangers of the deep and being entranced by the beautiful ocean floor. It will of course be a PS4 exclusive. No release date was given.


No Mans Sky [Article]

The interesting, procedurally generated game was announced to have its console debut on PS4. It features beautiful and colorful environments and a wonderful atmosphere of mystery and discovery. After escaping a rampaging alien beast, the player character escapes into a spaceship only to fly headfirst into a battle in outer space! (Guy can't catch a break can he?) The ship soars the the depths of space and enters the atmosphere of a whole new planet where the trailer ends. One of the developers came on stage to explain the game was inspired by the Sci FI novels of his childhood. Every player starts out with their own planet. The environments were varied and unique and I can easily see people getting lost in exploring this game.

Project Morpheus

A small moment was taken to announce that the VR headset Project Morpheus was being demoed on the E3 showroom floor. We will simply have to wait for information by those who have tried it before we can gain any new information in the device. Worth noting, the moment the speaker mentioned the Playstation camera, audible laughter was heard in the crowd.

PS4 updates and PSTV coming to the west

Shawn Layden came on stage after with a few of his own announcements. Firstly, Youtube is finally coming to PS4! With a press of the share button you can upload gameplay straight to youtube. In addition, you can now audibly spectate a players match, but I'm assuming the player has the option to mute you if they wish. Shawn reiterated Sony's commitment to Free to Play citing games like Kingdom Under Fire and Planetside 2. Playstation Now of course will allow you to play a tremendous back catalog of PS3 games and you can even play them without a console so long as you have a Sony smart TV and Dualshock controller. The service will be available in the US and Canada as an open beta July 31st, with PS3 and vita following later.The speaker briefly skimmed over the Vita, announcing no games and seeming to view it more as a companion device rather than a stand alone handheld console. He then announced that PSTV, the Vita console for your television, would be coming to the US this fall for $99. But for $139, a bundle of the PSTV, a dualshock 3, an 8gb memory card, and a voucher for the Lego Movie Video Game was also available.psvitatv

Mortal Kombat X [Article]

Afterwards came a somewhat underwhelming Mortal Kombat trailer. We finally got to see what that fight from the recent trailer would look like in game, we saw the return of the x ray during attacks, and two additional characters were shown. Beyond that, however,  there was little else of note.

Sony TV content

Sony also dabbled in TV for a bit. The co creator of the popular graphic novel "Powers" came on stage to give his blessing for Sony's exclusive television show based on the series. This seemed bafflingly premature to announce, as no actors had even been cast, and no footage was able to be shown. Instead Sony threw up a few pictures of concept art, announced that the show would be free to all PS PLus subscribers, and called it a day. Afterwards, a trailer for the new Ratchet and Clank film played, capturing the games tone and characters perfectly.

Metal Gear Solid 5 & Grand Theft Auto 5 [MGS Article] [GTA Article]

A trailer for Metal Gear Solid Five gave s sense that this series is moving in a much darker direction. Excessive blood and violence was present throughout the trailer, attached with a sense of dread. Grand Theft Auto Five was announced for PS4 and would allow you to fully transfer your save files over.

Batman: Arkham Knight [Article]

Then a new gameplay trailer for Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Knight stole the spotlight, at least until Scarecrow followed it up by stealing the whole show! Lights, video and all! He threatened to destroy Gotham just as the trailer ended and an announcement of PS$ exclusive Scarecrow missions was made.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [Article]

Finally we come to the last part of the show, the new trailer for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Unfortunately there wasn't any gameplay to be shown. But we got a sense of the dark forbidding final chapter in Nathan Drakes story. Along with a visibly aged Drake himself, he and series companion Sully discus the one last job they plan, which by the looks of things took a turn for the worse. Uncharted4: A Thief's End is set for 2015.Uncharted 4

So there you have it! The whole run down! What was your favorite moment? Tweet at us or comment below and get your voice heard!

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