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Sucker Punch Productions released a gameplay debut trailer for their epic open world game Ghost of Tsushima at Sony's E3 2018 conference. It was a stunning and mostly silent segment that captivated the audience with the sheer brilliance of its setting and atmosphere.

After a thrilling and emotional flute solo by Cornelius Boots on stage, the trailer opened in the Japanese wilderness. A caption announces the Mongol invasion of Japan, day nine. A samurai, dressed in what looks like a peasant garb made of straw, walked until he reached a stunning panorama of the Otsuna Grasslands. He whistles for his horse and gallops over a field of straw-colored tall grass.

He reaches a spot where he hears some screams and runs to meet armored Mongol warriors who threaten him. As they attack, he deftly takes them down one by one in neatly choreographed third-person combat. After the battle, another Mongol rushes at him and is taken down by an arrow to the back. He meets the woman who wields the bow, they talk and set out to reach a temple, where they both proceed to perform stealth takedowns of other Mongols. The samurai climbs the roof of the temple and walks around to observe his foes from above, then proceeds to take them all down surgically.

He meets a prisoner in the temple, a Buddhist monk, and releases him. As they leave the temple, the monk is nearly hit by an arrow. The samurai and the woman argue over the fate of the monk, and a showdown takes place. "If we fight, Mongols win," the man tells her. "They've already won."

Against a burning sunset, under an autumn tree, they duel with katanas. As they fight, a ring of fire seems to blaze up around them. Finally, the samurai subdues the woman, but does not kill her, instead offering a truce. The trailer ends as the samurai and the woman face more Mongols approaching from the camera perspective, and the samurai slashes his katana at them.

According to PlayStation's press release, the game is set during the Mongol invasion of Japan in 1274, telling a tale of feudal Japan at a time of warfare, chaos, and violent change. You play as Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai. The game evokes the nuances and complexities of Japanese history and the iconic traditions of samurai cinema to craft a gorgeous tale of revenge, empowerment, and hope.

Ghost of Tsushima has no release date as of yet. It was first announced at the Paris Games Week 2017 presentation last October.

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