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Starting off Sony's conference this year was a crazy orchestra, followed by a child sitting in the snow playing. When he is called inside we get our big starting reveal: Kratos. The God of War is back.

God of War once again sees you playing as Kratos, and he is acting as a father figure for a child that he is teaching how to hunt. When the child messes up tracking and killing the deer, Kratos almost loses his cool and screams at the kid, but he manages to stay calm.

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Following this enemies jump out at the two. Kratos attacks with his new axe, and follows this up by throwing it at an enemy and pinning him to the wall. Then, using his fists, he slams another enemy to a rock and beats it to death. The two continue, with more enemies attacking. Here the kid assist Kratos, using his bow to attack enemies along with him. They team up to bring down a giant enemy together, one that yells that they are in Valhalla thus confirming the Norse part of the game.

The two continue a little further, finally hunting the deer from the beginning. Along the way Kratos earns XP for discovering new areas and for helping teach the boy. Upon hitting the deer with an arrow Kratos teaches the kid how to kill it, this being his first kill going by his reaction. Kratos seems unsure the entire time, learning to be a father again. In the distance, a dragon appears flying over a massive lake and mountain.

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In a post on PlayStation Blog, Cory Barlog confirms that he is returning to work on God of War (he was the director of God of War II, and originally the director of God of War III before he let Sony). He said he wasn't interested in God of War being a story reboot, but was interested in rebooting the gameplay. His inspiration for the story came the birth of his own son, and how it changed him. He feels as if the one big thing that can change a person is having to care for a child, and that having to care for a son will be the one thing that causes Kratos to really try and calm his rage.

God of War is coming to the PlayStation 4 with no set release date yet.

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