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Batman Arkham VR

Batman: Arkham VR was announced at the Sony E3 2016 press conference. The game will be released exclusively on PlayStation VR. The only information we have seen on Batman: Arkham VR is in the teaser video where Mark Hamill's Joker gives a monologue about Batman. Rocksteady, the developers behind all the Arkham series of Batman games, will be the ones working on this VR Batman game. President of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment said of the move to VR:

Virtual reality is expanding the video game space and entertainment overall, so it is extremely exciting to have our incredible team at Rocksteady Studios dive into this new storytelling medium with the Batman Arkham franchise...Rocksteady is one of the best at creating story-driven content, and Batman: Arkham VR will deliver a more immersive experience than anyone could have imagined only a few years ago. 

Bill Green, Principal Designer at Rocksteady Studios, wrote on the PlayStation Blog about the new Batman: Arkham VR game. Green says, "The switch from screens to headsets was a fascinating creative and technical challenge for us, as it has inspired us to really focus on Batman’s detective skills and find new ways to use them." So expect new VR specific ways of using Batman's gadgets and tools, as well as all new ones to play with. Green also talks vaguely about the story for the game stating, "This time around we’re telling a highly focused, very personal story entirely in first-person. Batman: Arkham VR is an intense murder mystery in the style of the classic Batman comic books, but with a strong dose of the dark psychology that the Arkham games are well known for."

We still have no information on what form the game will take, whether it will be on rails, completely free movement, or if it will have gameplay in the same vein as Tell Tales games. Batman: Arkham VR will be coming to exclusively to the PlayStation 4 via PlayStation VR in October of 2016.

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