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Sony E3 2015 - Star Wars: Disney Infinity 3.0

June 15, 2015 11:29 PM

By: Francis Kelly


A partnership has been forged between the three great powers of Disney, Marvel, and Pixar, and its name is Star Wars: Disney Infinity 3.0, a cartoony mashup of games and action figures taking the mechanics of Nintendo's amiibo toyline.  Disney is issuing figures that will have some function in-game for all of its properties, and Star Wars is of the highest priority.





Two games have been announced: Twilight of the Republica Jedi-heavy narrative in the prequel timeline, and Rise Against the Empire, an all-in-one saga covering canonical film episodes IV, V, and VI.  A limited edition starter pack exclusive to the Playstation platform has also been announced, featuring figures from both Twilight of the Republic and Rise Against the Empire, as well as a newly-revealed Boba Fett figure.  The figures (excepting Boba Fett, whose fate is indeterminate) will eventually be available for other consumers, however, as the pack is a timed exclusive.

Star Wars: Disney Infinity 3.0 will be released on both the PS3 and PS4 at an unspecified date this fall.

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