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Sony E3 2015 - Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn Announced

June 15, 2015 10:24 PM



Impossibly following The Last Guardian announcement, Guerrilla Games has announced a new IP exclusive to Playstation, titled Horizon Zero Dawn

It is a third person open world game that looks to be based around survival, tribalism and conflict between humans and robotic wildlife. The voiceover speaks of how the world fell into a decline after long conflict, leaving humanity with rudimentary technology. The origin of the cybernetic dinosaurs, deer and ostriches is left as yet unexplained by the Guerrilla Games team.




The voiceover leads into a gameplay demo that shows a hunter tracking and the robotic wildlife, she kills a small ostrich creature to stop it calling for help and stalks what appear to be robotic deer. She shoots a canister off one of the creatures, causing them to scatter and attacting the attention of what looks like a robotic T-Rex. The fight with the Robo-Rex lasts a while and includes various methods of attack such as tethering the beast and picking off its weak spots.



Horizon Zero Dawn, coming from Killzone Developer Guerrilla Games does not have a solid release date yet but is coming exclusively to the PS4.

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