Sony E3 2015 - Dreams

June 15, 2015 10:54 PM

By: Francis Kelly


Studio Media Molecule's latest project could be more of an artistic toolkit than a traditional game.  The goal, according to the presentation, is to visualize one's dreams in a more vivid and effective way than ever before.  Rudimentary modeling, cinematic framing, and a soundtrack were all a part of the "dream" created with the  Dreams toolkit, as well as two polar bears, rayguns, and a grand piano.

Dreams seems to be capable of a standardized form of moviemaking, at least from a palette of prefabricated objects provided by Media Molecule.  However, the gameplay demo featured a modeling system that was used to sculpt an animated character, including fine details of the face, with the Sony Move system.  Perhaps objects can be created by this feature as well.  What's certain is that collaborative features are a huge part of the game: "dreams" can be uploaded online to be viewed, recut, and remixed by the Dreams community.

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