Sony E3 2013 Recap

This 2013 story is a full recap of everything Sony showed during its E3 presentation that year.

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A shot of the stage from the Sony E3 2013 presentation

Introducing Playstation 4

Sony PS Vita Showings

More than 86 games will be released for PS Vita by the end of this year. Final Fantasy X/X-2, Flower, and more will be included.

Vita will be able to play all PS4 games, plus 650 current titles, over wifi with the Remote Play Feature.

Sony PS3 Game Showings

The Last of Us

Having been teased to us last year at E3 2012, we were shown more footage, and some of the gameplay of The Last of Us. This critically acclaimed game from the makers of Uncharted aims to be a huge game this year.

The Last of Us


See the trailer here:


Embark on a tale with two silhouettes whose journeys intertwine to discover the mysterious world of rain. Coming in the fall of 2013, see the trailer here:

Beyond Two Souls

You follow Jodi Holmes through 15 years of her life (ages eight through 23) on a journey to discover the true meaning of the entity Aiden, who has been alongside her throughout her life.

Beyond Two Souls

Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo, as always, looks stunning. The 6th entry in the series is coming to the PS3, and will be available for PS4 at launch.

The Walking Dead - 400 Days

The maker of The Walking Dead, Telltale Games, brings us a whole new Walking Dead adventure, coming this summer.

Batman: Arkham Origins

The Batman series has been nothing short of stunning, starting with Batman: Arkham Asylum. This iteration of the series pits you against assassins on Christmas Eve. Set several years before Arkham Asylum, you play a younger and less refined Batman. Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will run on the PS Vita as a spin off game.

Sony PS4 Game Showings

The Order: 1886 (PS4 exclusive, at launch)

Not much has been said about this game before E3, but it looks awesome. Set in a steampunk alternate history 40 years after the industrial revolution, The Order will see you interacting with several real-world historical figures. Other than that, not much more is known, but here's the trailer!

Killzone Shadow Fall (at launch)

This game is gorgeous. With all sorts of epic tech at your fingertips, the next installment of the Killzone franchise is going to be even more action packed and fun to play.

Driveclub (at launch, free for PS Plus subscribers)

An upcoming racing game from the makers of MotorstormDriveclub will focus on road racing rather than off-road.

inFamous Second Son

It features a new protagonist, Delsin Rowe, and takes place several years after the events with Cole MacGrath and the Beast from the first two titles. The game is to be set in Seattle, and is scheduled for a late 2013 release.

Infamous Second Son

Knack (at launch)

This all-new PS4 game will be available at launch.

The Dark Sorcerer

A technical demo meant to show emotions and facial expressions that the PS4 can handle. Overall, as a technical demo, it looks incredible, boding well for future games. Link will be posted tomorrow, so check back here!


Coming from the makers of Bastion, Transistor is a top-down platformer coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2014.

Indie games

Sony aims to be the best provider/home for indie games, bringing a series of developers on stage to showcase a series of great indie games that are coming to the PS4. Take a look at the E3 video in the link below to see them all.

Diablo III

Releasing on the PS3 and PS4, Diablo III will have Playstation exclusive items from various Playstation series.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

We were teased on this one a while back, and now we got to see a bit more of it at this year's E3. Check out the trailer here.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Originally released in 2010, Final Fantasy XIV received a lot of negative attention. Due to this, Square Enix's president had a new team led by Naoki Yoshida completely revamp the game. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn features a new engine, improved server structures, revamped gameplay and interface, and a new story.

Final Fantasy XV (Final Fantasy XIII Versus)

This game looks unbelievable, as all Final Fantasy games do. Check out the trailer here.

Kingdom Hearts III

Not much needs to be said about this title. It's the third in a long, fantastic series. If you haven't played the games, you can pick up the Kingdom Hearts HD ReMix to get caught up on the series.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

This was already covered in our Ubisoft recap, but Sony was able to show us some of the gameplay this time around.  It looks downright fantastic, fluid, and streamlined. The jungle environment shown off was absolutely gorgeous, and it reacted to every movement of the player. The naval battles look like they will be both challenging and incredibly fun at the same time, and jumping ship to ship has to be as satisfying as it looks. Black Flag is guaranteed to be yet another shining star of the Assassin's Creed series.

Watch Dogs

The most powerful weapon in the a smartphone. Anything that is connected, can be used against your enemies in the city of Chicago. Sony showed off the gameplay demo of Watch Dogs, and the game is stunning. The gameplay they showed was all about stealth and staying hidden from the "fixers" who were trying to catch you. There are so many ways to sneak around, and avoid being detected, or even just get away. It looks phenomenal, and you can quite literally hack anything to your advantage by taking control of cameras, computers, lights and more to accomplish your objectives. Note: Playstation owners will receive an extra hour of gameplay at release.

Watch Dogs

NBA 2K14

Lebron James has a conversation with a digital Lebron James, then shows us his skills. That's about it.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Sony announced their new partnership with Bethesda, to bring their new game The Elder Scrolls Online to the PS4. It will feature an exclusive PS4 beta as well.

Mad Max

You read that right. Mad Max is coming to the game world.


Set on Earth, many years from now, Destiny is an all new first person shooter from Bungie, the maker of Halo. Sony's E3 presentation showcased the gameplay. Join up with your friends and explore the brave new world in front of you. The game looks absolutely stunning, from the guns to the game world itself. Destiny will center around the journey of the Guardians, the last defenders of humanity, set to protect Earth's last city. Choose one of three classes, and set off in an action RPG-styled shooter, with weapon upgrades, levels, skills, and more!

Destiny Classes

Playstation Plus/Online

Entertainment Expanded

The presentation featured Audio Unlimited (20 million songs across iPhone, Android, and PS) and Video Unlimited (rent 150,000 movies and TV shows), Crackle, Flixster, and new programming for PS4 that will give PS4 owners exclusive entertainment from Sony Entertainment, which will be getting more details in the future. Sony will also be adding Redbox Instant to PS3, PS Vita, and PS4, as well as bringing live events to allow for streaming or downloading sporting events.

Used Games

There will be no restrictions on used games. Share and sell as you wish. 

EDIT: Sony has confirmed that developers can choose to change sharing permissions. Source

Online connectivity

Your console does not need to be online or authenticated in order to play your games.


Sony will be implementing a Real ID system, where you can use your real name with friends and nicknames with other gamers if you wish.


There is now a sharing button on the controller, which will allow you to share video games on social networks.

PS Plus

Playstation Plus will be accessible across PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Your current account will migrate to your PS4. Get discounted games, cloud saves, automatic game updates, online multiplayer (no longer free), and free games every month. Driveclub will be the first free game given at release to PS Plus members.

EDIT: It has been confirmed that PS Plus multiplayer ability will be shared across all accounts on a PS4. Source


Available in 2014, Gaikai will provide PS3, PS4, and then Vita users access to a vast library of PS3 games streamed over the Gaikai Cloud Network.

That's it for the Sony E3 2013 recap! To watch the presentation, find it here! If you missed the Microsoft recap, find it here!

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