Sony Actually is Still Developing First Party Titles for the Vita

Published: October 29, 2015 10:35 AM /


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Last week, we caught wind of an interview with Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), Masayasu Ito, who said—possibly, there may be a translation issue or he misspoke—that Sony had no first party titles in development for the Playstation Vita. Today, President and CEO of SCE Europe, Jim Ryan, told VG247 that they are actually working on some first party titles for the Vita.

Ryan said that the reporting from Ito's interview caused some confusion, and Ito may very well have meant that Sony currently has no first party AAA games in the works for the Vita. However, they do have some smaller titles being worked on as they shift their focus over to the Playstation 4. Ryan implied that since the Vita has the support of third party developers, SCE can instead focus on their new console.

Seeing as there was no news regarding any sort of Vita game, first or third partywise, at the Paris Games Week, we may still be a while away from hearing more on what Sony will be offering for the Vita in the future. 

What franchises do you think Sony could bring to a smaller scale on the Vita? Are there any franchises on the Vita you'd like to see make the leap to the Playstation 4 or vice versa?

Quick Take

While this is not the news Vita fans were hoping to hear, there is definitely something positive to take away from it if you are a fan of the console. Sony is definitely currently working on something for the console, we just don't know what that is yet. That means franchises they have established already, or possibly introducing something new, are still on the table. However, there is no indication of something new, nor would one think they'd want to introduce something entirely new on a small budget. For now, your best bet as a Vita owner is to hope for some cool third party titles.

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