Sonic No Longer Looks Like a Terrifying Monster

Published: November 13, 2019 8:30 AM /


Sonic Movie

If you know the internet then you know that the trailer for upcoming movie Sonic the Hedgehog was met with... ok look, Sonic looked horrifying. People hated it because he looked like a deformed monster with people legs. However, after delaying the movie, the design of Sonic has been totally reworked so he looks much better. Like worlds better.

A new trailer was released, showing another look at the blue rodent. Simply, it's much better. A more cartoony aesthic makes the character feel more like he belongs in a goofy kids movie rather than some terrifying horror fest. A better music choice also seems to help with this, even if I did love Gangster's Paradise because it's an excellent song. Blitzkrieg Bop is a perfectly fine replacement that fits the tone of the movie much better. Honestly, it does a lot more to sell that this is supposed to be a goofy action adventure movie starring a CGI blue rodent.

While I'm sure most of the focus will be on Sonic and his redesign, I want to once again state that the best part of the movie continues to look like Jim Carrey and his portrayal of Dr. Robotnik. While it was already great in the first trailer, he continues to steal the show with weird antics and goofy screams. Also the scene of him getting punched in the face is some A+ material. I'd watch the movie entirely for him.

Sonic the Hedgehog will be releasing in theaters in February 2020. The perfect thing to bring your Valentine's Day date to.

How do you feel about this Sonic the Hedgehog redesign? Are you going to see the movie? Has it already been ruined for you thanks to the first version? Let us know in the comments below!


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