Sonic Forces PC Port Launches Off Course with Performance and Crashes

Published: November 7, 2017 2:23 PM /


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When Sega was talking about joining the uprising within the plot of Sonic Forces, I don't believe they were talking about the players of the game. Yet, that's what has happened with the PC version in particular, as the game has been hit by an overwhelming amount of negative reviews with today's launch. The reviews seem to be justified, however, as many players are reporting that the game is crashing in a variety of ways, along with other performance issues.

The most common complaint is that the game seems to crash after the third mission no matter what the player's build or PC looks like. But even those players seem to be lucky, as many players are reported crashes when creating avatars, or even when launching the game. One thing particular to note is that players with older CPUs that lack SSE4.1/SSSE3 support seem to be crashing hard due to sand particles within the first stage, beyond the issues with the 3rd stage of the game.

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Things are off to a rocky start for the blue speedster.

As of reporting this, however, Sega has seemingly become aware of the issue and have released a patch for the game that has fixed the crashing issue for some players, in particular, the crash after the third stage issue.

However, there are still some major problems. Players are reporting framerate issues, in particular with cutscenes. As one player points out, the options for 30/60 FPS lock seem to lock the game at 22/32 FPS. Cutscenes due to this seem choppy. This is after disabling the Steam overlay, which seems to be causing additional issues for players if left enabled.

In particular to note is that the game isn't leaving a huge impression on the processor, as seen originally with the launch of Sonic Mania. On top of that, players are reporting issues with controller support, specifically the game recognizing an Xbox 360 controller unless it's powered on before the game launches. It doesn't help that the framerate, in general, seems to be a problem for many who are able to play the game.  It doesn't help that the recently under fire Denuvo is seemingly present in the game, leading to speculation that it's also causing performance problems for the game as well.

Until further notice, it may be worth holding off on the PC version of Sonic Forces. We will keep you up to date with any updates and fixes to the game as best we can.

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