Sonic Dreams Collection is Nightmare Fuel

Published: August 12, 2015 11:14 AM /


Sonic Dreams Camera

The Sonic Dreams Collection is claimed to be four prototype Dreamcast games acquired from a Dreamcast developer kit and released by Arcanekids on PC and Mac. That may not be the reality, but reality is not what it used to be. Perhaps they sprang into existence through some dimensional rift. Or maybe they have always been here, observing our weaknesses and waiting for the right moment...

IN 2013 hacker supergroup “Arcane Kid$” acquired a SEGA DREAMCAST developer kit from Deep in the filescape they unearthed a note from the director of MJSTUDIO, a “message in a bottle” detailing the work of SEGA’s top secret studio which was re-invisioning the future of video gaming.

The Arcane Kid$ salvaged FOUR playable prototypes, some concept art, and countless top-secret SEGA files.

“SEGA squandered MJSTUDIO’s gift to the world… and dissed Sonic fans globally… by burying these games” Arcane Kid$ spokesperson Jo says.

“It’s time to set them free.” Arcane Kid$ has granted HEDGEHOG EXPOSED exclusive rights to what they call the “Sonic Dreams Collection”

Sonic Dreams Eyes
Look around when you wake up. Did I ever tell you my favourite color is blue?

The ‘leaked’ games are Make My Sonic, Eggman Origin, Sonic Movie Maker, and My Roommate Sonic. Each is crazier than the last. Make My Sonic is a seemingly simplistic character editor but a created character can actually be transferred over to Eggman Origin. That requires digging through the games files to search for the SEGANET application, which in turn requires the username ‘mjstudio’ and a password hidden in one of the game’s modes. Still with me? The other two games, Sonic Movie Maker, and My Roommate Sonic work right out of the box. The one labelled Pandora.

Sonic Movie Maker is a series of scenarios chronicling a descent into madness, as players are given a camera and free reign over a small film set to place items and speech bubbles where they may, their goal being to film a few seconds of whatever damnable sordid fan-fiction is presented before them. Between the bouts of out of context character voices and cold dead eyes, you will finally understand how pathetically fragile sanity is, and grasp feebly at the last shreds of innocence being ripped away.

Sonic Dreams Tayles
I'm losing me. Help. I'm losing me.

The final game called My Roommate Sonic is a short one that involves watching television on the couch with Sonic. Anything seen here must never be recounted for the safety of the cosmos.

Sonic Dreams Collection is perfect for Youtube and watching the reactions of your favourite Youtube personalities. If you want to give it a try yourself, it can be downloaded here. Password is ‘grandpa’, although the password requirement may have been removed. Sonic Dreams Collection is an artistic parody from the creative folks at Arcane Kids in collaboration with Cyborgdino and offer other games from their site at


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