PUBG NFT Integration Begins With Banger Alpha Test

If you hate yourself, you now have the opportunity to prove it by signing up to test Banger, an NFT platform that will soon integrate with PUBG.

Published: December 28, 2022 11:36 AM /


A PUBG screenshot of one dude trying to kill another dude.

PUBG, which was arguably once the biggest game in the world, is getting NFTs through Banger, a so-called "gaming hub" that plans on launching sometime in 2023. If you've never heard of Banger, you're not alone, but basically it's a new platform that will allow games to integrate NFTs into their ecosystem. You can sign up for its alpha right now and get a special Banger digital collectible, although it's non-tradeable.

Banger alpha challenges include License to Kill, where you'll try to get as many kills as possible. The higher your rank, the better you'll do, and headshots will give you extra points. Kill Frenzy will have you trying to run over as many people as possible, with your top ten best results shown at the top. Ghost Killer is what it sounds like; you'll use your sniper rifle to get kills from as far away as possible to get the most points. 

PUBG screenshot showing two people holding two guns at someone.
That's a nice NFT you have there.

Nicolas González, the Chief Product Officer at Banger, had this to say about the platform: 

This Alpha is going to prove that players of games like PUBG can now benefit from platforms like ours without the need to make an initial investment or see their gaming experience altered. As with previous platform test runs, we expect another full house in this Alpha thanks to our new extra features, and especially our Limited Digital Collectibles that we want our users to own and wear in recognition for being a part of creating Banger from the very beginning.

NFT's have had a complicated history with the gaming industry to say the least. A lot of companies, big and small, have gotten in on the action. There have been plenty of blockchain-related scams, and we've had some games that are built entirely around the concept. Basically, while the NFT industry hasn't done very well this year, it looks like some games companies will keep going back to the well until it's completely dry.

It's worth noting that Banger is essentially a "white label" platform for NFT integration in games. This means PUBG won't necessarily be building and integrating its own NFTs, instead relying on this third-party platform to handle the blockchain side of things. It'll be interesting to see how that intent chimes with Valve's Steam cryptocurrency ban, of which some games have already fallen foul.

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