Songs of Syx is a Huge Scale City/Kingdom Builder With a Free Prototype

Published: April 13, 2020 12:04 PM /


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Six years ago, Gamatron, a one man studio by Jakob de Laval, set out to make Songs of Syx, which is described as a mix of "retro base building with grand strategy." Now, the fruit of Gamatron's labors are available for all to see as a prototype attached to a Kickstarter.

The game itself "starts as a base builder and ends as a grand strategy" title. It's apparently a living world that is "full of different races, cultures, old and new gods and strange creatures. There is a day to night as well as climate and weather cycles, and animals and people will also migrate. There will be events such as droughts, pirates, and bandits, and discoveries will be made so that kingdoms and empires will come and go. Every game is supposedly randomized so it's never the same, with all "... content, background stories, and easter-eggs are generated uniquely each iteration", while the main storyline will be the same.

Players will be able to build bases on a large level, beginning with a small colony and ending with a metropolis of tens of thousands. However, everything requires upkeep, so players will have to keep a careful eye on production and their standing, or it can spiral out of control very quickly.

Once the game reaches a certain point, it expands drastically, with villages, towns, lumber camps, ports, and castles all part of the players' kingdom. Other kingdoms and despots will want to interact with the player, so the player must also think about how they want to interact with the game world as a whole, whether it's via trade of war.

There will be "massive tactical battles" with up to 20,000 individual units and 40,000 units altogether, and the player must "use tactics and skill to encircle the enemy, or let your reputation demoralize them" which is definitely an interesting idea in a project that looks like its full of them.

Right now, Songs of Syx has about 60% of its planned features in a prototype form, a rough and unfinished state but functioning. Jakob felt that he could take the game right now to Steam Early Access, but he wants to polish it further and get some more features in Songs of Syx before doing so. Right now, the prototype is free to download on the page, althought it will cost $25 in the future - essentially serving as a place for late backers. 

For more information, be sure to check out Songs of Syx's Kickstarter here.

What do you think of this news? Have you played the prototype? Are you going to back the Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments!

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