Someone Is Remaking Chex Quest In HD


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Someone Is Remaking Chex Quest In HD

February 25, 2019

By: William Worrall

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An indie developer has been remaking the original advertainment game Chex Quest with permission from the cereal's parent company General Mills. For those who aren't in the know Chex Quest was a Doom-clone which was given away for free in boxes of cereal as part of an advert campaign back in the late 90s. It featured a cereal-clad warrior using non-violent weaponry to defeat green blob monsters to prevent them from turning everyone's cereal all soggy...and someone is making that game again.

Although Chex Quest HD is only a 'fan game' made for a community of people who still love the game to this day, it actually has the support of General Mills at least according to the Facebook page and description on the trailer. The information that the game is being made with the companies support has led to calls for the game to be released physically with actual packets of Chex cereal once again, fully completing the nostalgia spiral that will one day engulf all of humanity.

While many are excited by the prospect of a Chex Quest remake there were a few people who expressed doubts about the project from the footage which is already available. The sound was a particular issue for many commentators who were asking for the audio to be either fixed or completely replaced before the game's final version. The other major complaint from fans of the game was a missing shot in the opening cutscene which was iconic to the game. Regardless of any complaints from fans it seems like this Chex Quest remake is happening, and is going to make at least something of a splash when it comes out.


There is no word on a release date for Chex Quest HD yet but the game will apparently be released for free just like the game it is a remake of.

Did you play Chex Quest when you were younger? Do you think this remake is a good idea? Let us know in the comments. 

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