Some PS5 Trophies Will Give You Digital Rewards

Published: October 19, 2020 11:38 AM /


The two PS5 models - disc and digital editions

Obtaining some PS5 trophies will grant access to certain digital rewards as PS5 trophy rewards. These include profile avatars and banners. We don't yet know what other rewards Sony could be planning to dish out with certain trophies.

What rewards will you get for PS5 trophies?

In the recent PlayStation 5 user interface deep dive video, Sony showed off the PS5's home screen as well as its quick menu. During that demonstration, the cards on one of the quick menus showed two recently-acquired trophies: a bronze trophy and a gold trophy, both in Destruction AllStars. The bronze trophy, "Rookie", has the words "Profile Banner" below the description of the task required to obtain the trophy. "Wreckognised", the gold trophy, bears the words "Profile Avatar". Here's a screen grab of the relevant part of the UI deep dive, showing the bronze trophy:

A PS5 trophy showing a digital reward for completion

And here's the gold trophy, complete with description and "Profile Avatar" text:

A PS5 gold trophy showing a digital reward for completion

Unfortunately, Sony's video doesn't actually show which avatar or "profile banner" these trophies unlock. Given that they're both for Destruction AllStars, it's very likely the rewards will correspond with the game, just as they currently do when you obtain a platinum trophy for PS4 games. However, most players don't tend to obtain platinum trophies for games, so Sony offering rewards for completing day-to-day trophy objectives is significant.

Will these trophy rewards be offered in every PS5 game?

Sadly, we don't currently know whether this will be the case or not. Destruction AllStars is, of course, a PS5 exclusive, and first party game. Whether or not developers and publishers will be offering digital rewards for third-party games is unknown, but if Destruction AllStars is anything to go by, you can probably expect them for PS5 exclusives at least. We'll bring you more on these trophy rewards as soon as we get it.

Credit to MP1st for spotting this first.

What kind of rewards would you like to see for obtaining PS5 trophies? Let us know in the comments below! 

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