Some Elden Ring Localizations Are Missing Key Story Elements

Published: March 11, 2022 11:34 AM /


Elden Ring

Strangely, it's been confirmed that multiple Elden Ring localizations are incomplete at best and very badly translated at worst. This goes for the Latin America Spanish and Portuguese localizations, which are missing key lore and story information. As Elden Ring is a From Software title, the story has to be sought out and can usually only be gleaned from thing such as weapons, armor, spells, and conversations with NPC's.

So what's wrong with the Elden Ring localizations?

It's very simple: they don't tell critical information that's available in the English-language version of the game. First reported in a Reddit post, we independently confirmed this information that armor, and spells are lacking a lot of lore information in these localizations. All versions of the game appear to have this issue, meaning you can't easily pick up another and get the story experience in your mother tongue that you were expecting when seeing it say that it was available in your language. The lore for From Software's games is a major draw for many people, and this has disappointed many.


Warning: for those that want to remain unspoiled, there are some spoilers below. 

Marais Robe
As you can see, the amount of information provided here is not the same.

You'd think that maybe a few pieces of armor, and magic spells are incomplete in these Elden Ring localizations. No big deal, right? Well, there's a lot, and I'm certain there's a lot more that's left out once the game is completely scoured and compared.

Rancor Call
It's bizarre that someone looked at this and was like, "yes, put this into the game."
Snow Witch Robe
As you can see, this is crucial information that players aren't receiving.


Magic Downpour
There's no consistency to how the games are being translated. 

The last image here shows the English, Castilian Spanish, and Latin America Spanish. As you can see by amount of text, the Latin America Spanish has by far the least, and the Portugese translation is the same for Magic Downpour. Meanwhile both English and Castilian Spanish (that spoken in Spain) have the full lore put in the description. While I don't know any Spanish, a quick look at the first sentence shows that there are significant differences there so this isn't like a British versus American English missing 'u' situation.

I sent an email off to Bandai Namco Entertainment America, so hopefully we'll eventually receive some sort of explanation as to why this was allowed to happen. As mentioned, I don't know Spansih, or really any other languages other than English, and at a glance I can easily tell that something is very wrong with these Elden Ring localizations. Hopefully this is fixed sooner rather than later for those stuck with these inferior localizations, but we'll have to see. Regardless this article will be updated as new information comes to light.

For more information on Elden Ring, incomplete localizations, and everything in between, stay tuned to TechRaptor.




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