Solid Snake and Xavier Woods Join The Battle in Super Bomberman R

Published: June 27, 2018 12:34 AM /


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Earlier this month, Super Bomberman R ended its Switch exclusivity, hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Each of those versions has platform exclusive characters, but Konami isn't stopping there. The game has become a Smash Bros. style mashup of Konami's entire past. Now, it's time for a few new challengers to join the fun.

After all the drama regarding David Hayer and Metal Gear the past few years, who would have thought that he'd return to the series via Bomberman? Snake fans will have both Solid and Naked to choose from on their next battlefield excursion. Raiden from Metal Gear Revengence and Contra's Bill and Lance are also joining the fray, proving that this is indeed the run.

Owners of the original Switch release can now play as MAX, a deep cut Bomberman character who serves as Nintendo's platform exclusive. For those who prefer the more Japanese side of Konami's catalog, don't fret! Further representation from Tokimeki Memorial, Goemon, and Gradius rounds out this free update. In addition to the new characters, accessories from the Metal Gear and Contra series are now available.

If you're just looking for a new way to play Super Bomberman R, this update has you covered as well. The Grand Prix mode has gained a Checkpoints option. This shifts gameplay to a King of the Hill experience where bombers will have to rush towards points on the map and stay alive to earn points. Check out a bit of gameplay and a new stage in the trailer above.

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Whoever messes with Xavier is going to face the consequences.

Finally, for those who choose to race as Danica Patrick in Sonic Racing Transformed and want to play as yet another sports star, WWE wrestler and New Day member Xavier Woods has been added to the game. Xavier runs a gaming YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown when he's not crushing fools with the Limit Break, so the connection isn't as random as you might think. It's unclear if he wields his signature trombone in the game at this time, but we can only hope.

Are you excited for these new additions to Super Bomberman R? Is there anyone that Konami has missed over their year of updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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