Solar Titans Get Nerfed In Latest Destiny Update

Published: December 7, 2015 8:30 AM /


Destiny Update Preview

If you, like me, are one of those guardians that immediately runs in the opposite directions of wherever that dreaded 'clink' sound from a Titan activating its Hammer of Sol ability comes from, Bungie has good news for you! The Titans of Destiny are getting a bit of a nerf to give the Warlocks and Hunters of the world a better chance to fight off the burning abyss.

In this week's Weekly Update, Destiny community manager DeeJ says that Titans will get some additional tuning, and that moment has finally arrived. Sage, a member of the dev team, explains that patch 2.01 will douse the flames somewhat while extending the range of the Titan punch from 4 to 4.5m (an increase of 12.5%). Titans will also get a slight boost in their double jump, putting them more in line with other classes. These changes should bring down the Titan's 19% average super kills to a more conservatie 14%, as well as hopefully bringing down their K/D/R ratio to a more balanced 1.0.

The other Titan subclasses will also be getting additional tweaks in order to remain competitive. For the complete patch notes (and some nifty graphs for the more statistically inclined) you can go to the dev blog on the official website.

Bungie has been making good on the promises they made in regards to updating Destiny. The Legendary Edition of the game that got released in tandem with The Taking King saw a whole slew of quality of life changes added to the game in addition to a more fleshed out narrative, and the developer has steadily been deploying more tweaks over the past couple of months. Most recently the developer added a challenge mode to the King's Fall raid to extend the raid's longevity, providing players will new challenges and mechanics on the raid bosses found within. 

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