Social City Builder Patron Comes To Steam Q3 2021

Published: April 15, 2021 12:05 PM /


A snowy cityscape in new social city-builder Patron

Do you love city-builders, but wish they had more of a focus on the people rather than the buildings? Newly-announced "social dynamics" city-builder Patron may well be for you. It's targeting a Steam release date of Q3 2021.

What do we know about Patron?

The official Patron Steam page refers to it as a city-builder with "intricate social dynamics" at its core. It's set during medieval times, and alongside creating buildings and developing new technology, you'll also have to keep your citizens as happy as you possibly can. Each citizen will have their own needs and issues that you'll have to address, and different social groups will react appropriately to decisions you make regarding major issues affecting your city. You can take a look at some early alpha footage below to get a sense for what Patron is trying to achieve.


Of course, Patron will also have plenty of elements familiar to fans of city-builders. These include natural disasters you'll have to deal with, an extensive tech tree to research, and the ability to customize the layout of your city. The major draw, though, is those social mechanics; every citizen has different thoughts about issues such as immigration, crime, and religion, and you'll need to strike a delicate balance between different groups if you want to keep your city happy on the whole.

We're pretty excited about this one and will be keeping a close eye on it as it develops. Right now, developer Overseer Games is targeting a Q3 2021 release for Patron on Steam. This is the studio's first game, too, so it's a pretty ambitious project to start out with. We'll bring you more on Patron as soon as we get it. Until then, you can wishlist the game on Steam to keep it on your radar.

What do you think of Patron's unique spin on the city-builder genre? Let us know in the comments below!


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