SNEG Announces 4 More Classic SSI Games Coming To Steam And GOG This Month

Published: May 12, 2023 8:09 AM /


A vampiric-looking villain in Veil of Darkness, one of the retro classics SNEG is bringing to Steam and GOG this month

Are you a fan of classic SSI PC games from the 90s? If so, then SNEG is essentially your best friend right now, as the company has announced another 4 SSI classics heading to Steam and GOG this month. They include an isometric horror adventure, an innovative strategy game, and two intriguing fantasy titles.

Back in March, SNEG revealed that it would bring several classic Dungeons & Dragons PC RPGs to modern platforms, and the studio was also responsible for reviving several old-school Gold Box RPGs last year. Now, SNEG is reviving four more classics, so if you've got fond memories of any of these games, prepare to take a trip down memory lane.


First up, it's Veil of Darkness, an isometric horror adventure in which you must confront the merciless Kairn and his legions of monstrosities. If you prefer more cerebral gaming experiences, then you might get a kick out of Star General, part of the classic "5-Star General" series (which also includes Panzer General and Fantasy General).

The four retro classics being revived by SNEG - Veil of Darkness, Dark Legions, The Summoning, and Star General
It's a good month to be a fan of retro gaming.

The third game being revived by SNEG this month is The Summoning, a fantasy RPG with over 40 levels to explore and loot. Finally, you can revisit (or visit, if you're a newcomer) Dark Legions, a curious fantasy strategy game with a little bit of action thrown in. All of these games can be wishlisted on Steam or GOG right now, although we don't know exactly when they'll land on the platforms.

If these weren't enough, SNEG says it's not done yet. Director Oleg Klapovskiy, who our very own Giuseppe had the pleasure of speaking to not long ago, says his company has "rights and plans to bring even more SSI titles to players". Hold tight for more info on those games, and in the meantime, make sure to wishlist everything you see above if you're a retro gaming fanatic.


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