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Published: February 3, 2016 3:02 PM /


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SMITE's Season 3 started the 2nd of February and it promises to be pretty interesting. Season 3 started with the release of the 3.1 patch that introduces a lot of changes in the game as players know it. We're not only talking about balancing. Many aspects of the game have been redesigned in a way that will most likely impact the gameplay and will force old and new players alike to adapt to the new environment.

Patch 3.1 includes many interesting (and at the same time controversial) redesigns. One of the most discussed ones is the changes made to the active items. Starting from season 3, active items are now called relics and are not purchasable or upgradable in the shop. You get one for free at level 1 and another one at level 12. New relics have been introduced and the existing active abilities have been rebalanced to compensate the fact that relics are now free.

Another big change is the overhaul of the Conquest map. The most played mode of the game has been subjected in many changes in its layout, some subtle and some very impacting. The purple and orange buff camps have been removed entirely and blue buff camp have been moved where the speed (orange) buff was. Fire elementals, new neutral monsters, have been added. They spawn in the vicinity of the fire giant and award some experience and gold when killed. These changes, united to the fact that main buff camps are sligthly more open, will surely have a noticeable impact on the metagame.


Of course there's not only redesign in this patch. Season 3 brings a lot of new content as well. For starters, a new chinese themed 3v3 Joust map has been introduced in the game, with a new layout and even a new jungle boss that will disable enemy towers for a time when killed.

A new quest system replaced the daily login bonuses. Players will now receive 2 quests every day (up to a max of 2 so you can't stack them by not logging for a while) that will award favor on completition. When the player completes a certain amount of quests, it's rewarded with gems.

What we described until now are only the big changes of the patch. There is a lot more to it like new skins, wards, avatars, achievements, gods balancing and the introduction of the Rising Dawn event. This patch carries a lot, surely a lot more than we can list here. You can read the full patch notes here.

What you think of the Season 3 of SMITE so far? Do you like the changes introduced with this patch? Let us know in the comments.

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