SMITE goes for an encore with The Reaping: Part Two

Published: October 28, 2015 6:01 PM /


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Those of you that fight in the battlefield of the gods, probably managed to reap (hehe) the benefits of last week's SMITE halloween event, titled The Reaping: Part One. The name itself of the event made clear that a followup was soon to come and, indeed, it came. This weekend the god of death will return with The Reaping: Part Two, bringing free stuff for all SMITE players.

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The event will take place from Friday 30th of October to Sunday 1st of November. Just like the previous event, the event will give the players the possibility to earn free gems but with a slightly different approach. Instead of giving 100 gems if you manage to gather 5 first wins of the day, during the second part of the event you will earn 20 gems for every first win of the day. This will not only allow those that don't have enough time (or are unlucky in the matchmaking) to still get something from their wins but, at the same time, it will allow those that do the first win of the day in every mode to gather 160 gems; 60 more than the previous event.

This time, the event will not bring discounted skins with it. Instead, during every day of the event you will be able to gain free chest rolls. You will gain a free chest for every 3 first wins in a single day, up to 2 chest per day for a grand total of 6 chests for the whole weekend if you do the first win for all the modes every day. Friday and sunday you'll be rewarded with Odissey chests while Saturday you'll obtain halloween chests.

Last but not least, you will obtain double XP and worshippers during the event. Unlike The Reaping: Part One, during the event you'll not have the full roster of gods unlocked to play with. A good part of the community will take a sigh of relief at this news since it will be less likely to find players that pick a character for the first time ever every game.

The second and final part of The Reaping will start this Friday on both PC and Xbox versions of the game.

Did you partecipate in The Reaping: Part One? What are your thoughts on Part Two? Let us know in the comments.


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