Smart Cookie Clicker Update Served Fresh To Your Game

Cookie Clicker has been around but it's still coming up with new content and ideas! This most recent update brings a lot of big changes to the game.

Published: June 2, 2022 4:20 PM /


The single cookie from Cookie Clicker

There are a lot of games that look simple on the surface, but they draw you in with their quick and satisfying results. In 2013, Daniel Rosenfeld released a game on the internet called Cookie Clicker that caught everyone by surprise. The game involved clicking a large cookie to generate more cookies so that you could use them to buy upgrades and items that would generate even more cookies. The game quickly grew in popularity and in 2021, the game was redesigned and released on Steam for purchase. It expanded on the original concept and now has received its first major update. This has added new content to make the game more full and flashy.

Upgrade cookie clicking.

What's in Cookie Clicker Update 2.048?

This Cookie Clicker update has added new features to all versions of the game, including the Steam release. These include a jukebox for music, new achievements to attain, new tiers of upgrades, a new building, and some upgraded backgrounds. On the more technical side of things, the Bank Minigame has been changed so that you'll be able to see the previous value of the stock you've purchased and it has better flow overall. You'll also be able to disable the game from showing up in your Discord, have more options for the Golden Cookie sounds, and can restart the game without mods during launch errors.

Though Cookie Clicker is an older game, the Steam version is still relatively fresh on the market. While the core of the game remains the same, the UI and the game itself have been expanded. This update shows an effort to keep the game fast, interesting and satisfying. It has gotten more official with its upgrade tiers and new content such as mini-game and giving players a pet dragon. There has also been a number of mods created for the game as well as one of the highest number of achievements for players to work towards.

The v. 2.048 update adds more content and technical adjustments to the still quick and simple Cookie Clicker. It's a major development for a classic internet game that now has over 10,000 players on Steam and counting.

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