Smart City Plan, a Modern City Builder, Announced

Published: September 6, 2019 3:55 PM /


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Today, Ambiera announced Smart City Plan, a modern city building game where players can plan zones, roads, and public transport such as trains, trams, buses, subways, and a hypertube.

Players will start their game by creating the first few roads of their city. Once done, players will then specify areas, or 'zones' where citizens will be able to start building companies, shops, and homes. When the city begins to take shape, players will then be able to expand their city by providing public transportation and implementing policies so the city can be properly run. To do this, an assistant will help the player as the game plays out in real-time. Also, if the player needs to think over a particularly tricky problem, the game can be paused or even accelerated if there is nothing else to do but wait.

Smart City Plan will allow players to also decide policies on energy and water usage, insulation, smart garbage management, and taxes. Laws can also be created, focusing on anti-corruption, gun control, pollution, speed limits, and gambling. Players can turn their city green... literally, by enforcing the usage of green living walls via the smart technologies throughout your city. However, if players desire a more traditional route, they can try to attract and bolster the space industry within their city. Players must also play around with zoning permits for commercial, industry, agriculture, office, and three other residential areas.

Players will have to solve traffic congestion by creating utilities along with an intelligent roar and rail building method. However, if fussing over a city is not for you, players can also play via a sandbox mode to place their buildings exactly how they want them.

While Smart City Plan can be followed and wishlisted on its Steam page, players can only pre-order the title on the developer's website. The pre-order cost 12.99 €  (approximately $14.35), and includes access to the beta and a Steam key once both are available.

Quick Take:

While Smart City Plan does not seem like anything world-breaking, its calming art style and the fact that it focuses on 'smart' management is interesting. While City Building games are usually 'chill', this one looks like it could potentially be a very good entry in the 'chill' genre, especially with its sandbox mode. We'll see.

What do you think of this announcement? Are you interested in Smart City Plan's art style? Are you tired of city builders? Let us know in the comments!

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