Slay The Princess Is A New Time Loop RPG With Gorgeous Art

Published: July 26, 2022 12:42 PM /


The princess asking if you think she's a monster in Slay the Princess

Black Tabby Games has announced Slay the Princess, a brand new time loop RPG in which you must kill a princess in order to prevent the end of the world. The game is coming to Steam next year, and there's a playable demo available right now if you want to check it out.

What is Slay the Princess?

Slay the Princess was announced over on the official Scarlet Hollow Steam page. It's a rather curious and intriguing horror game in which your sole objective is to slay a princess. If you don't, she'll bring about the end of the world, so you'll need to be about it. Of course, she'll try to stop you from killing her; she'll charm you, lie to you, and do whatever else it takes to survive. Your task is not to listen to her, no matter what honeyed words she attempts to pour into your ear. The game has a gorgeous art style, so take a look at the launch trailer to get an impression of what it looks like in motion.


Slay the Princess is a time loop game, so each time you die, you'll be granted a chance to go back and do things differently, perhaps even uncovering the reason behind your situation as you do. Hopefully, Black Tabby's game lands more on the Forgotten City side of the spectrum than the Twelve Minutes sideSlay the Princess will feature ten distinct endings, as well as artwork by the insanely talented Abby Howard and the wonderful voice chops of The NoSleep Podcast's Nichole Goodnight and The Magnus Archives' Jonathan Sims. You'll be able to grab Slay the Princess when it launches on Steam next year, and there's a demo to check out right now so you can see whether it's your jam or not.

What else is going on at Black Tabby Games?

As well as the Slay the Princess announcement, Black Tabby also provided an update on what's going on in the world of episodic horror game Scarlet Hollow. According to the developer, the fourth episode of Scarlet Hollow will land sometime this year, "ideally on Halloween", although they don't know exactly when just yet. The fifth episode will arrive next year, after the release of Slay the Princess, which Black Tabby estimates will launch sometime around May or June.

A dinner table scene in Scarlet Hollow
Black Tabby's episodic adventure game Scarlet Hollow will hopefully receive its fourth episode sometime this year.

According to Black Tabby, the studio is working hard on Episode 4 of Scarlet Hollow right now, and after that, it'll be working on both Slay the Princess and Episode 5 in tandem until they're both finished. Once those are completed, it's "nothing but Scarlet Hollow until...the Episode 7 finish line", apparently. If you're eager for the conclusion of Scarlet Hollow, hopefully, the knowledge that the developer is still working hard on it will assuage your anticipation until the new episodes arrive. We'll bring you more on this as soon as we get it. In the meantime, do be sure to check out the official Slay the Princess Steam announcement, as there's some fun stuff in there about Black Tabby's artistic process as well.



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