Skyrim's Creation Club Launches in Beta With Survival Mode

Published: September 27, 2017 9:54 PM /


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The 1.5 update for Skyrim Special Edition has been released for the Steam Beta, bringing forth several new features. Ranging from minor features such as a MotD (Message of the Day) and support for the ESL file format, to of course the greater feature the file format was made for, the Creation Club.

While the Creation Club was already announced to come for Skyrim Special Edition, it seems Bethesda has decided to pack out with a far more promising feature for it. Survival mode is currently available on Steam for beta testing if you opt-in the Steam Beta.

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Survival mode will have features largely reminiscent of the same mode in Fallout 4. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox players will get to experience Survival Mode and other Creations early next month, both they and PC players will get Survival Mode for free to purchase for the first week on each platforms' launch.

The classical few features are present, such as Hunger and Fatigue both being gradually degrading stats that need sustaining in order to avoid penalties to Magicka and/or Stamina. A possibly less familiar mechanic will be Cold and Warmth. The cold air that is present in varying gravities in Skyrim will now play a part in decreasing your available health, with Warmth counteracting it using certain spells, hot soups or torches. Additionally, freezing water may now prove to be a lethal obstacle when not exited quickly enough.

Besides that, Fast Travel will be disabled just like in Fallout 4's survival mode. Health will no longer regenerate on its own, and leveling up will require the usage of a bed. Carry weight will be reduced along with penalties if you are encumbered, and various creatures will now sport diseases that can drastically impede your progress. Failing to deal with an unwell status may also put you at risk of an affliction, a debuff that will reduce your efficiency in combat and other tasks. Beyond that, Shrines, Perks, Standing Stones, Vampires and Werewolves have all been reworked to fit with the above rebalancing for this mode.

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Finally, a list has also been unearthed of file names that may provide a hint as to what the future content may be for.

ccBGSSSE002-ExoticArrows.esl ccBGSSSE003-Zombies.esl ccBGSSSE004-RuinsEdge.esl ccBGSSSE006-StendarsHammer.esl ccBGSSSE007-Chrysamere.esl ccBGSSSE010-PetDwarvenArmoredMudcrab.esl ccBGSSSE014-SpellPack01.esl ccBGSSSE019-StaffofSheogorath.esl ccMTYSSE001-KnightsoftheNine.esl ccQDRSSE001-SurvivalMode.esl

Additionally, these are the price ranges for the Creation Club credits. Note that the Survival Mode will cost 800 credits after the first week of free purchase. It may also be possible that users will get 100 free credits to start out with.

750 CC Credits - $7.99 1500 CC Credits - $14.99 3000 CC Credits - $24.99 5500 CC Credits - $39.99



Quick Take

I thought I was having a déja vu when reading these features. Most, if not all of the features are available in mod form in some shape or form. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival by Chesko has provided the Warmth/Cold mechanic for years now. The Hunger/Fatigue mechanic is done to death, with most expanding even to a Thirst mechanic, which can be disabled if so desired. Disabling Fast Travel can be done through console commands, it doesn't even need a mod to facilitate that.

Here's the thing, Fallout 4 has taken a lot of the modding momentum that once belonged to Skyrim. Many of the available mods that have done these features before are no longer actively developed, and rely on other mods to have functioning UI elements. Not to mention that not all of these mods have been ported to the Special Edition. If Bethesda's own Survival Mode shows to be light on bugs, it may actually prove to functionally be the best option available to people desiring that feature suite.


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