Combat with a troll with the True Directional Movement mod in Skyrim.

Skyrim Mod True Directional Movement Adds Modernized Combat

Published: August 18, 2021 12:06 PM



Do you find Skyrim's combat system to be clunky after all these years? A newly-released mod for Skyrim is looking to change that by changing the game's combat system to be more like modern action RPGs.

Known as the True Directional Movement mod after it initial feature, the mod began life as a mod that allowed players true 360° directional movement. However, the mod required a custom target lock component, and creator Ershin kept adding features to the mod that they felt were related to the main feature or what was already added on. Somewhere along the way, the goal of the mod changed to modernizing the game's combat, although the mod's name didn't change because Ershin couldn't come up with a new one that didn't sound too generic.


The head tracking feature in the True Directional Movement mod for Skyrim.

The True Directional Movement mod features quite the list of features that improves various aspects of Skyrim. Players will have full 360° control over their character's movement, and they can lock onto an enemy during combat so they'll automatically turn to face it. Characters also have headtracking, which will cause them to look at their opponents during combat or characters during conversations. Enemies now have health bars appear over their heads (as well as big ones for bosses) that show their level and recent damage they've taken.


When aiming projectiles at enemies, players can choose from two types of aim support. They can either go for one that aims by taking into account how the enemy is moving and leads your shots, or players can have their projectiles home in on enemies to nearly guarantee hits. Of course, players can also opt out of aim support to allow them to unlock the camera while aiming.

The True Directional Movement mod can be found here on Nexus Mods. You'll need SKSE and a few other mods in order for True Directional Movement to work.


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