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Published: March 2, 2019 6:47 PM /


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SKYHILL, the roguelike by Russian developer Mandragora studios, is one of the latest games to make the jump from PC to Switch. Originally published by Daedalic Entertainment for PC, Mac, and Linux, the baton has been handed to Klabater Games for publishing the Switch release.

SKYHILL focuses on getting your character successfully down through 100 floors of a tower… past hordes of mutant zombie things. Keep an eye on your health meter, your hunger meter, and upgrade your weapons as you progress, while intermittently fixing elevators along the way and chasing messages from your Darling who has gone on ahead.


Earlier this week at an event I got to meet with Klabater Games and try out SKYHILL on the Switch. Having never played it on PC, the whole experience was new to me, but it was pretty easy to get the hang of. Within a few floors I had already acclimated to the controls system, even without a tutorial. In just 10 floors you can see the combat system becoming progressively more difficult, but it still has the need for resource management that every roguelike does, especially as it is all procedurally generated.

What really struck me about SKYHILL is how good a fit it is for the Switch format. It’s definitely the sort of game you can play for a few levels while you’re on the go, sitting on the subway or on a bus on the way to work, that you can easily put down and pick back up again later. That’s not to say you couldn’t just sit down and play the whole thing from start to finish, it was very easy to get into a groove and focus on slashing mutants.

For more information, check out our coverage of the PC release.

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