SKSE Beta For Skyrim Special Edition Coming Soon

The SKSE team have been hard at work with developing the Special Edition-compatible version of the SKSE, now dubbed the SKSE64, coming in mid March 2017.

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Skyrim Special Edition

Many Elder Scroll fans were eager to return to Skyrim last October when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition was released with its updated 64-bit engine that promised greater stability and a slew of visual enhancements. However, many were disappointed to find that many mods simply could not work on the Special Edition.  Many of the more complex mods rely on the third-party script functions provided by the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), but the original SKSE is not compatible with the 64-bit Special Edition.

The SKSE team have been hard at work with developing the Special Edition-compatible version of the SKSE, now dubbed the SKSE64. In their latest development video, they demonstrate several implemented functions such as working input event support. They then announced that they hope to release their first public beta of the SKSE64 by mid-March 2017 or earlier.

According to one of the developers, Stephen Abel aka behippo, the next priority after the beta build of the SKSE64 will be implementing the functions that the highly popular SkyUI mod needs to work:

The next big task is to implement the Menu and UI Hooks and Events to see where SkyUI stands. When I get that up and running I'll post another video.

SkyUI is the most downloaded Skyrim mod of all-time, with many PC gamers considering the mod an essential improvement over the default interface. The mod also came packaged with the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), an interface that allowed mod authors to create custom menus for their mod settings.

However, most of its more advanced functions, like the inventory search bar, requires the SKSE. The current version of the mod available for the Special Edition lacks these functions, as well as not having the MCM. Several mods that were dependent on the MCM have more limited functions when ported to the Special Edition as well. 

It is no surprise that SkyUI support would be a priority during the SKSE64's development, as it would improve functionality for several other mods across the board.



Quick Take

I have 868 hours played in the original Skyrim, and just about 17 minutes of the Special Edition. The lack of any SKSE functions has really hampered how much of the Special Edition can be modded, which is a shame as a lot of gamers have been hoping to really test the updated 64-bit engine with more complex mods. There's a reason that Skyrim has won the 'Test of Time" Steam Award, and it really boils down to its mods. I am very excited for the SKSE64, and look forward to both full and expanded ports of my favorite mods in the Special Edition.

Are you excited by the development of the SKSE64? How modded is YOUR Skyrim? Let us know in the comments below!

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