SkateBIRD Nintendo Switch Version Lands Next Year

Published: December 10, 2019 4:32 PM /


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Do you like skateboarding? How about birds? Well, if you like both, then boy, do I have good news for you: the SkateBIRD Nintendo Switch version has been announced.

If you're unfamiliar with SkateBIRD, we first covered it when it popped up during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. From there, it went on to have a successful Kickstarter, although it faced a bit of trouble when the Epic Games Store said they wouldn't carry it without an exclusivity agreement. Nintendo, however, is perfectly happy to put this cute game on their platform.

Check out the SkateBIRD Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer to get a feel for this super-adorable game.

The best way to explain the game is this: imagine a Tony Hawk game. Now, take those tiny finger skateboards that were popular in 1998 for some reason and put a parakeet on top. Then, unleash that parakeet into a living room that's conveniently set up with all sorts of obstacles and ramps. That's SkateBIRD.

It seems like a pretty neat game (and it's certainly stolen my heart), and now we have the very good news that a SkateBIRD Nintendo Switch version is on the way!

SkateBIRD manual

When can you get the Skatebird Nintendo Switch version?

It's scientifically proven that this game is cute as heck, so when can you get it? Well, that might depend on the platform, but for now, both versions have a slightly vague release date of "probably next year". Much like the game's Steam Store page, the Nintendo eShop page simply lists the release date as "2020".

You'll be able to get your hands on SkateBIRD when it launches sometime in 2020 on PC and the Nintendo Switch. In the meantime, you can add this lovely game to your wishlist on Steam.

Are you going to get the SkateBIRD Nintendo Switch version or would you prefer to play it on PC? What's your favorite skateboarding game? Let us know in the comments below!

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