The Sims-like Game Life by You Shows Direct Control & Driving Your Car in New Gameplay

Published: April 21, 2023 2:31 PM /


Life by You Key Art

Today Paradox Interactive and Tectonic Studio shared a new gameplay video of their upcoming simulation game Life by You.

The video, presented by the studio's general manager Rod Humble (whom you may know for his works on The Sims franchise and Second Life) showcases an interesting feature of the game.


While with Indirect Control you can click on items to interact with them and on locations to walk there as you would expect in other games of the genre, you can activate Direct Control to manually maneuver your character around with the keyboard or a controller, while the action or mouse button will let you interact with anything the character is looking at. 

In addition to that, if you're close enough to your parked vehicle, you can summon it and directly drive it around town, which is certainly a nifty feature.

You can watch the gameplay below. 

Life by You will hit early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC on September 12.

The game was teased during an event early last month and then fully revealed a couple of weeks later with the first trailer

If you're interested in simulation games, Paradox and Colossal Order also announced Cities Skylines successor Cities Skylines II during the same event. That's coming for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 in 2023, including Game Pass.  




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