The Sims 4 Players Find a Way to Ship Reylo And Their Own Creations

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The Sims 4 Players Find a Way to Ship Reylo And Their Own Creations

September 11, 2020

By: Robert Grosso

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September 2, 2014 (Calendar)

The new expansion pack for The Sims 4, Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, has only been recently released, and Star Wars and Sim fans alike are already eager to get their hands on the game to make their wildest fantasies a Galaxy Far, Far, Away a reality.

Unless you count the fact that EA has put some restrictions on content.

Players with Journey to Batuu were shocked to find that certain characters, in particular named characters from the films such as Rei and Kylo, were restricted in terms of how they can interact with player Sims. Specifically, players were unable to flirt or romance named NPC's in Batuu, and also discovered that there are no beds in Batuu either - likely a restriction from Disney to help protect their trademark characters. 

The lack of making woohoo available to players was not surprising, but still unwelcome to the Sims community, especially fans of the 'Reylo' shipping - folks who believe Rei and Kylo Ren should have been a couple at the end of The Rise of Skywalker. This is, of course, in addition to fans who want to ship their own original characters.


Of course, despite the restrictions, fans have found a way to bring Rei and Kylo out of Batuu, and near a bed for some flirtatious fun on their own. 

A member of The Sims forum - going by the name of MaggieMarley - implemented the use of a third-party software, called the MC Control Module, or MCCC to edit The Sims 4 code. 

The MCCC specifically can alter the coding of Sim characters, with MaggieMarley discovering that if a certain line of code is removed from the NPC model, the character can be romanced.

"MWHAHAHAHAHA I have discovered that if you remove the trait buff_Batuu_WhitelistSNCP_Kylo with MCCC, you CAN perform romance interactions with Kylo Ren!" stated MaggieMarley on The Sims Forum. "It seems that he stays as an NPC in the Kylo Ren role so long as you do not delete the traits buff_Batuu_SNCP_Kylo_Role and buff_Batuu_FirstOrder_Mission_Giver and buff_Batuu_Kylo_identifier."

Though the MCCC is technically a modding tool, it is also utilizing exploits in the games code to change up the nature of the Sim NPCs.

It should be noted that players can actually download a non-NPC version of Kylo and Rei in The Sims 4 gallery as well, which was put in place by the players themselves. So those looking for a less exploitative way to ship Reylo can just download them instead. 


Still, both options are currently viable for anyone to live out their dreams of seeing Rei and Kylo together, in a simulated world. 

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