Silent Hill Director Confirms Multiple New Silent Hill Games

Published: October 7, 2022 11:06 AM /


Henry looking at himself in a cracked mirror in Silent Hill 4: The Room

The Silent Hill rumor mill continues to churn, it seems. In a new interview, Silent Hill movie director Christophe Gans appears to confirm several new Silent Hill games are in the works, and what's more, they're being developed under the auspices of Team Silent, so it's not only Bloober Team being dragged into the titular town.

Last month, a new Silent Hill game, seemingly titled Silent Hill: The Short Message, was rated in Korea, lending more credence to the constantly-swirling rumors of a Silent Hill revival. Now, thanks to a French interview with Gans conducted by MaG, those rumors have been all but confirmed.

As usual, the Silent Hill community has been quick to respond to Gans' interview. Gaming analyst and leaker Dusk Golem, who tweets as AestheticGamer, put together an extremely helpful thread pulling in his own speculations and knowledge along with translations by ResetEra user Angie. In that thread, we learn that Gans says he's working "with Team Silent, the original creators" on the next Silent Hill game.

Alex in Silent Hill: Homecoming standing before a gate outside a dilapidated house
It's hard to find most Silent Hill games on modern systems, as there are massive gaps in the series. Homecoming's still out there, though.

Gans also says there are "several games in development", one of which is presumably Konami's collaboration with Bloober Team (which is probably a Silent Hill 2 remake). According to Gans, Konami was spurred on to revive Silent Hill thanks to the Resident Evil remakes and revival games, which are "evidently exceptional games", as he puts it (again, with translations by a ResetEra user).

In a separate thread, Golem discusses the significance of "Team Silent". As he points out, Team Silent is something of a mythical entity; it never had a solid lineup, with plenty of staff coming and going across major Silent Hill installments. However, Golem points out that Gans' reference to Team Silent means there's probably a development outfit under that name at Konami again, and that he's seen staffers he recognizes as having worked on Silent Hill games before.

It's hard not to feel like we're drawing closer to some official Silent Hill reveals. Back in May, Konami DMCA'd a series of photos that purported to show a new Silent Hill game, suggesting those images were probably real. There's also the aforementioned Korean rating for The Short Message, whatever that turns out to be. Here's hoping we hear something official soon. Now, there's just the reported Metal Gear and Castlevania revivals to look forward to.


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